• Some early reviews of Denon’s $500 Ethernet cable

    Reviews for that $500 Ethernet cable being sold by Denon are in full swing on the Amazon.com product page, located here. Here are a couple of choice tidbits… “A caution to people buying these: if you do not follow the ‘directional markings’ on the cables, your music will play backwards. Please check that before mentioning it in your reviews.” “I installed one… Read More

  • 60 inches of this ridiculous ethernet uber-cable costs $500

    Oh dear, oh dear. I’m surprised the description doesn’t mention that your signal is being accelerated by being bathed in snake oil. It lowers my estimation of the human race’s worth when anyone can actually be foolish enough — or simply rich enough — to buy something like this. Ultra-high-end solutions like this are regularly mocked. Audiophiles can’t tell… Read More

  • The Phantom is actually shipping – the Phantom Lapboard that is

    The Phantom console has been a sort of running vaporware joke for years now, as many of you must know. So how weird is it that they’re actually putting out a product that looks kind of cool? Actually, to be honest, I’m not sure how it’s supposed to work – I can’t see myself typing with the keys at a 22-degree angle, but the device itself looks pretty solid, and… Read More