All US domestic flights grounded as key FAA system goes down

Flights across the U.S. — including potentially all that fly through any domestic U.S. airspace — are delayed this morning as a major system outage means the Federal Aviation Authority (FA

Google Flights will now predict airline delays – before the airlines do

Google is rolling out a few new features to its Google Flights search engine to help travelers tackle some of the more frustrating aspects of air travel – delays and the complexities of the chea

Google adds price tracking and deals to Google Flights, Google Trips and hotel search

Google today is expanding its booking features for travelers using Google services including Trips, Flights and hotel search, with a focus on helping people find better rates. For example, Google can

Crunch Report | Amazon’s New High-End Echo

Amazon reveals its high-end Echo, MIT's CSAIL developed a robot that can wear different exoskeletons, Ford and Lyft tie the knot and Delta gives people free messaging on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger a

Google’s new Destinations feature lets you plan trips right from its search engine on mobile

Google is making it easier than ever to plan a trip or vacation with a new feature that lets you look up destinations, complete with flight and hotels prices, right from its search engine on a mobile

Hitlist, A Smart Flight Finder That Saves You Money By Telling You When To Fly, Exits Beta

Thanks to Google Now, other virtual assistants, and mobile applications that can tap into our location to feed us information at will, consumers are being conditioned to think of information-gathering

Flight Deals Platform GetGoing Takes On Kayak With Souped Up Search Engine For Cheaper Flights

The price of airfare is an ongoing point of frustration for travelers, especially considering that it feels like airlines find every conceivable opportunity to shake you down for a few more bucks. Man

Pintrips Launches A Collaborative Trip Planning Dashboard For Tracking Flights & Prices Across Destinations In Real-Time

<a target="_blank" href="">Pintrips</a>, a new personal travel planning startup, is today publicly entering the competitive, crowded travel space with the public debut of <a target

BlackJet, Your Own Private Airline, Adds San Francisco And Las Vegas As Destinations

BlackJet, which we’ve described as the “Uber for private jets,”┬áhas announced San Francisco and Las Vegas as two new destinations. The company was founded by Garrett Camp, the co-fo

Book Now Or Wait? Kayak Adds Price Forecasting To Its Flight Search Results

It was just over two months ago that <a target="_blank" href="">Kayak</a> and <a target="_blank" href="">Priceline</a> sent ripples through the online tra

JetBlue in-flight Wi-Fi service gets Gmail, Exchange

Hot off the travel-related press, is news that Jet Blue’s in-flight Wi-Fi service has added support for checking more e-mail accounts than just Yahoo! Mail and BlackBerry Mail, which were previo

Final Word: You can carry batteries on flights

So it seems that you can carry batteries, extra batteries, spare batteries, and other, presumably, Leyden jars on flights. The TSA warnings only mention banning “large, palletized shipments&#822

Airborne Internet raises important societal questions, allows porn surfing in coach

Your next flight will look nothing like this. Ahh, holiday week. A time when journalists will brush off any old clinker and write it up in order to fill their word quota for the week. Take this AP sto

Korean Air Bans Dell, Apple

The Korea Times is reporting that following a similar move by the Aussies at Qantas, Korean Air has banned Dell laptops and Apple Powerbooks and iBooks from its flights. The decision comes at the heel