As Flickr Co-Founder Butterfield Shuts Down Glitch, Is He Planning A New Photo Service? ‘You Will Know It Well,’ He Says

Glitch, the online, multiplayer gaming world created by Tiny Speck, is <a target="_blank" href="">closing down December 9</a> after <a target="_blank" href="http://www.g

First Look At Snapjoy’s iOS App For Photo Viewing. Apple, Take Notice.

I told you about a <a href="">new feature from the Snapjoy team</a> just the ot

That Flickr Account Wasn’t Marissa Mayer, But She *Is* Currently Looking For A New Head Of Flickr

Oh Process Journalism, how lucky we here at TechCrunch are that we get to practice you. Anyways, here's what I got: That <a href="

Flickr Adds Pinterest Buttons To Photo Sharing; All Images Will Be Pinned With Attributions

Yahoo-owned Flickr is one of the largest content sources for <a href="">Pinterest</a>, with users posting Flickr images on the pinboard sharing site in droves. But in order to Pin

With 7B Photos, Flickr Debuts New Speedy, HTML5 Image Uploader; Drag And Drop Interface, And More

Yahoo's photos sharing site, Flickr, has been <a href="">steadily redesigning</a> a number of components of its platform over the past few months, includin

500px Debuts ‘Plus’ Paid Membership Plan To Go Head-To-Head Against Flickr

<a href="">500px</a>, the photo sharing website that has become the new darling of the photo buff set, today <a href="">rolled out</a> a new $19.95/year 'Plus'

With Picnik’s Demise, Aviary Brings Its Slick, HTML5 Photo Editor To Flickr’s 75 Million Users

<a href="">Aviary</a>, the company that makes it easy for mobile developers to integrate image editing into their apps, is debuting a huge partnership today. The New York-based st

Big UI Changes Coming To Flickr Next Week

Yahoo's management of <a href="">Flickr</a> has been something of a mystery. The photo-hosting service, once far and away the frontrunner and choice of pros and

Flickr Joins SOPA Protest, Lets Users Black Out Photos

This morning, online photo sharing site Flickr joined the growing number of web companies protesting the <a href="">SOPA and PIPA legislation</a>, which now inclu

PhotoPin: Creative Commons Photos For All Your Stock Photo Needs

I've been looking for something like this for years: a central, easy-to-use site for stock photos. Called <a HREF="">PhotoPin</a>, the site features a search engine that trolls Fli

Flickr Updates Its iPhone App, But Where’s Flickr For iPad?

Flickr has just pushed out an update to its iPhone app, easing the batch upload process and making some UI tweaks. It will surely be welcomed by the many Flickr users who use iPhones, but Flickr's con

Official Flickr App Arrives For Android

Being an Android user as well as a Flickr user has been dangerous territory for quite a long time now. There's been no official app, and the third-party ones haven't been too hot. Luckily for us, Yaho

Flickr Not Dead, But Losing The Soul Of Photo Sharing

The buzz in photography circles this past weekend was a post by Thomas Hawk declaring "<a href="">Flickr is Dead</a>." It's not the first time we've h

The Latest Crazy Instagram Stats: 150 Million Photos, 15 Per Second, 80% Filtered

This past June, we noted that Instagram hit a big milestone: <a href="">5 million users</a>. At the time, the total number of photos

Former Yahoo Engineer Quits To Build A Flickr Killer On Kickstarter

<img src="" /> As <a href="">Mike

Yeah, That Flickr iPhone Data Is Way Off — It's Far More Dominating Than It Seems

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-316483" title="aa" src="" alt="" />Earlier today, <a href="

Flickr Designer Publicly Criticizes Flickr's Design

<img src="" alt="" /> The photo-sharing space continues to heat up, and continues to leave dominant player in t

Obama ‘Situation Room’ Photo Is Already Half Way To Becoming Flickr’s Most Viewed Pic

<img src="" alt="" />If you ever wanted a glimpse of what the Spiderman<em> "With great power comes great resp

PhotoSync Is A Simple Way To Import Your Flickr Photos Into Facebook

<img src="" />Yes I know that Flickr offers a dinky Facebook Newsfeed sync and there are <a href="http://www.gec

As Instagram Innovates, Yahoo Product Head Makes "Early Flickr" Comparison

<img src="" /></a> Tech pundits like to <a href="">compare</a> Instagram and Flickr, be
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