Yahoo Confirms It Has No Plans To Update Flickr’s Windows Phone App

Yahoo has no current intention to update its Flickr application for Windows Phone . A user request for the company to both update its extant, but quite dated Windows Phone app, and perhaps build one f

Yahoo Introduces New Style Of Flickr Embeds To Seed Content Outside Of The Site

Yahoo has introduced a new cleaner style of photo embeds today.  Just about everyone has used content from Flickr in various ways at some point, especially from its great store of Creative Commons l

Yahoo’s Flickr Resurgence Continues With Handsome Photo Books, But Reliance On Sets Could Stumble

Today, Flickr is announcing the ability to order photo books directly from inside the photo sharing site. This continues a series of announcements and acquisitions which started late last year, and ma

Photobucket Is Releasing A New App, Looking To Close The Loop On Their Storage Services

When Photobucket redesigned its site and user experience with better uploading and new social features last fall, it did so in the hope of reestablishing itself as the go-to site for photo sharing and

Yahoo Acquires Startup LookFlow To Work On Flickr And ‘Deep Learning’

LookFlow, a startup that describes itself as "an entirely new way to explore images you love," just announced that it has been acquired by Yahoo and will be joining the Flickr team. The company <a

Flickr Grows Post-Relaunch, Tumblr Now 7.2% Of Site’s Referral Traffic

Yahoo's efforts at improving Flickr with <a href="">new

With Its Flickr iOS Update, Yahoo Swaps Out Aviary For Newly Acquired GhostBird Tech; Says It’s Keeping It On The Web

Earlier today, a <a href="">new iOS update</a> landed for Flickr t

Yahoo Sharpens Its Flickr iOS App With Enhanced Filters, More Camera Tools; Makes Pro Tools Free

Yahoo has just released a <a target="_blank" href="">significant new update</a> for its Flickr photo app for iOS, a further sign of how it wants

The Former Flickr Employee Guide To Tumblr Yahoo Survival

<strong>Editor's note:</strong> <em><a target="_blank" href="">Kakul Srivastava</a> is CEO and co-founder of Tomfoolery, Inc. She was General Manager for Flickr from 2004 -

Yahoo Drops Flickr Pro To Compete With Facebook, Still Offers Two Paid Tiers For Ad Haters And Power Users

The bookend to <a target="_blank" href="">Yahoo's Big News Day</a> -- a major refresh of its photo sharing site Flickr -- will see the company drop is Flickr Pr

Flickr Announces One Free Terabyte Of Storage Space Per User, Officially Beating Everyone

Yahoo’s Flickr photo-sharing service is now offering one full terabyte for users, enough storage space to hold whole swathes of the world’s photos. The service is offering this benefit in

Flickr Gets A Huge Revamp With Hi-Res Image-Filled UI, New Android App, And 1TB Of Free Storage

The <a target="_blank" href="">new Flickr</a> is <a target="_blank" href="">live</a>. Smack-dab in the middle of <a

Aviary’s Platform Has Been Used To Edit Over 3B Photos, And That Doesn’t Even Include Twitter

While developers scrambled to cash in on the photo-sharing gold rush while Instagram rose to prominence and then got sold to Facebook, Aviary took a different approach. Rather than build a consumer-fa

Flickr’s iOS App Is Still Playing Catch-Up – Here’s What It Needs

A <a target="_blank" href="">blog post from Flickr</a> about new updates

Pulse Gets More Personal, Lets Users Add Their Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr & Tumblr Feeds

Pulse, the popular news-reading app for the Web and mobile, just announced that it is going beyond the standard news sources it currently features and is adding authenticated social feeds from social

Aviary CEO Says Its Company Goal Is To “Democratize Creativity,” And It’s Clearly Working

It’s been launch city for a few big companies and new startups this week. Who’s had the very best week, possibly? That would be Aviary, a company that started out with a direct-to-consumer

I Love The Smell Of Sepia Tone In The Morning

In three short weeks it will be 2013. Someone may want to send a fax to Flickr and Twitter to let them know. Over the past couple of days, both of these services have pulled a move straight out of

Flickr Has An Opportunity To Gain Back Its Marketshare In The Photo Space

A funny, and somewhat unexpected, thing happened today. Yahoo, now with Marissa Mayer at the helm, decided that <a href="

Yahoo! Makes Its Second Major Upgrade In Two Days: Flickr For iOS Overhauled, Big Update For Web

As soon as Marissa Mayer was named Yahoo’s CEO, people were extremely loud about “saving” Flickr . What’s left of the passionate photo community have been waiting for innovatio

As Flickr Co-Founder Butterfield Shuts Down Glitch, Is He Planning A New Photo Service? ‘You Will Know It Well,’ He Says

Glitch, the online, multiplayer gaming world created by Tiny Speck, is <a target="_blank" href="">closing down December 9</a> after <a target="_blank" href="http://www.g
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