Lobster lets you sell your Facebook photos to advertisers

Lobster, the marketplace for buying and selling user generated content, has just announced an integration with Facebook. This means that Facebook users can sign up with Lobster to sell their content t

Flickr Comes To Gear VR With 360 Degree Photo Viewing Experience

Flickr’s 15 billion photos are there for our consumption at any time, but beyond seeing static photos there hasn’t been much of an experience upgrade over the years for diving into the wor

Yahoo Rolls Out A New, Flickr-Powered Image Search That Returns Your Own Photos

Yahoo announced today an upgrade to its image search engine which now includes a combination of web results as well as images from its photo-sharing site Flickr, including your own photos. The way the

Flickr Brings Back Its “Pro” Subscription Plan

Flickr announced today it's bringing back its "Pro" subscription plan aimed at power users of Yahoo's photo-sharing service, which will introduce a variety of new features, including access to improve

Google Photos’ Unlimited Free Storage Could Clobber Apple’s Expensive iCloud

How much does a terabyte of photo storage cost? On iCloud, $240 a year. Dropbox, $100. Microsoft OneDrive, $84. Flickr, $25. Google, $0. It's free on desktop, Android, and iOS. Today, Google ann

After Backlash Over Upgrade, Flickr Considers Letting Users Opt-Out Of Auto-Tagging

Not everyone was happy with last week's major revamp of Yahoo-owned photo-sharing site Flickr. A small, but very vocal, portion of Flickr's user base of 100 million members, immediately took to the fo

Flickr Now Recognizes What’s In Your Photos, Revamps Site, Search And Apps

Flickr today is rolling out a revamped version of its website, software applications for desktop and mobile, as well as its search service, in what's perhaps the biggest update since the company's dec

Flickr Removes Creative Commons Images From Its Wall Art Program Following Backlash

Last month, Flickr expanded its Wall Art print service to include images from the photo-sharing site’s professional artists as well as images licensed for commercial use through Creative Commons. Th

Flickr Now Lets You Buy Wall Art From Professional Photographers And Creative Commons

Flickr today is expanding its Wall Art print service to include access to images from Flickr's licensed artists and Creative Commons. The expansion comes only a month after <a href="

Flickr Now Lets You Turn Your Photos Into Wall Art

Flickr as of late has been making moves to compete with newer startups, like 500px for example, which cater to professional photographers. This summer, it announced a licensing program to get photogra

Flickr Announces “20 Under 20” Collection Of Young Photographers

In an effort to promote young artists using its service, Flickr has put together a collection of 20 artists under the age of 20 who have shown exceptional talent in their early work. Users can choose

A Look Back At Yahoo’s Flickr Acquisition For Lessons Today

When Yahoo made an offer to buy photo-sharing startup Flickr in early 2005, Stewart Butterfield and his team had a tough decision to make. There were many reasons for Flickr, founded by Butterfield an

Flickr Hires Creator Of PhotoDrive To Overhaul Its Photo Uploader

PhotoDrive, a fantastic photo uploading service powered by Flickr, is being shut down - but that's because its founder, Jeff Bargmann, is now joining Flickr, as it turns out. This one-man startup

Yahoo Acquisitions Power Flickr’s New Object Recognition Search, Editing And Video Capture

Today, Yahoo launches new Flickr apps for Android (and iOS coming soon.) They include the ability to shoot video in the apps, or upload it directly. There is also better search, more detailed statisti

Flickr At 10: 1M Photos Shared Per Day, 170% Increase Since Making 1TB Free

Social photo sharing site Flickr is now 10 years old, marking a decade since Caterina Fake and Stewart Butterfield founded the originally Vancouver-based startup. The site was acquired by Yahoo back i

Yahoo Confirms It Has No Plans To Update Flickr’s Windows Phone App

Yahoo has no current intention to update its Flickr application for Windows Phone. A user request for the company to both update its extant, but quite dated Windows Phone app, and perhaps build one fo

Yahoo Introduces New Style Of Flickr Embeds To Seed Content Outside Of The Site

Yahoo has introduced a new cleaner style of photo embeds today.  Just about everyone has used content from Flickr in various ways at some point, especially from its great store of Creative Commons l

Yahoo’s Flickr Resurgence Continues With Handsome Photo Books, But Reliance On Sets Could Stumble

Today, Flickr is announcing the ability to order photo books directly from inside the photo sharing site. This continues a series of announcements and acquisitions which started late last year, and ma

Photobucket Is Releasing A New App, Looking To Close The Loop On Their Storage Services

When Photobucket redesigned its site and user experience with better uploading and new social features last fall, it did so in the hope of reestablishing itself as the go-to site for photo sharing and

Yahoo Acquires Startup LookFlow To Work On Flickr And ‘Deep Learning’

LookFlow, a startup that describes itself as "an entirely new way to explore images you love," just announced that it has been acquired by Yahoo and will be joining the Flickr team. The company <a
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