• Possible Image Surfaces Of Samsung’s Rumored Smartphone With Curved Screen

    Possible Image Surfaces Of Samsung’s Rumored Smartphone With Curved Screen

    Back at the Galaxy Gear event, Samsung executives cryptically said that they had plans to “introduce a curved display smartphone in October”. Today, an image shared by reliable leak account @evleaks displays what could be the fruition of those plans. The device is curved across the vertical axis, producing a device that looks like it would fit in a cupped hand. How practical such… Read More

  • Samsung Shows Off Odd Flexible Displays

    The boys at NetbookNews took a closer look at some of Samsung’s flexible display demos including one that can fold in on itself and another that is almost completely transparent. These things are obviously just demos and proof of concept but it should be a fun decade or so when we start actually using these things in real life. Click through for video. Read More

  • Sharp develops efficient solar cells for use in outer space

    Earlier this year, we reported twice about Japan’s serious plans to go to outer space to generate solar energy and then beam it back to Mother Earth. And today, Sharp has shown the first solar cell that’s not only bendable (we’ve seen that before) but that also withstands conditions in space. In addition, the company says those cells boast a record-high solar efficiency of 36%. Read More

  • Sony Flexible OLED display on display at CEATEC

    Sony, and just about everyone else, has been fooling around with OLEDs for quite some time, and they’re starting to come up with some pretty clever applications of the technology. Flexible OLEDs have been in the news this year, and Sony’s getting into that game, too. In this short video we see a 0.2mm thin OLED display being gently bent back and forth, while actively showing content… Read More

  • Look at how bendy this prototype Samsung AMOLED is

    Some flexible AMOLED news for you. (I know, right?) Samsung just showed off a prototype 6.5-inch display that’s less of a hassle to produce in large quantities. (Temperature doesn’t need to be as closely monitored, manufacturing costs have dropped, etc.) Samsung envisages something like this being used in electronic book readers, electronic passports, etc. Paper be damned, I guess. Read More