Fox Interactive Media To Shut Down Flektor And SpringWidgets

<img alt="" />In an effort to control costs and consolidate products, MySpace parent company Fox Interactive Media is shuttering the <a href="http://www.springwidgets.com">SpringWidgets</a> (which <a

Fox Interactive Confirms Photobucket, Flektor Acquisitions

The Photobucket and Flektor acquisitions were confirmed by Fox Interactive today in a press release. No details on prices, so we are assuming earlier reports were correct: $300 million for Photobucket

MySpace To Acquire Flektor

MySpace will acquire Flektor, a just-launched service that allows users to create widgets from photos, video and text, according to two sources with knowledge of the deal. This comes right after the n

Slide Reveals Big Stats; Look Out For Newcomer Flektor

The news earlier this week that MySpace is acquiring Photobucket for up to $300 million highlights the importance of the widget space in general, and photo/video sharing widgets in particular. Competi