• Hands On With The Seven Best Fantasy Football Sites And Apps

    Hands On With The Seven Best Fantasy Football Sites And Apps

    With the NFL season just a week away, fans are poring over stats, trash talking their friends, and gearing up for the real season: fantasy football. Here are the coolest and most useful places to play fantasy football out there—from the household names like ESPN to a small startup that’s doing fantasy exclusively on your phone. Read More

  • Touchdown Called Back: Fleaflicker Founder Buys Back Fantasy Sports Site From AOL

    Over three years ago, we reported that AOL had acquired the New Jersey-based fantasy sports site Fleaflicker. It seemed like a touchdown for 26-year-old founder Ori Schwartz. Now it’s looking more like a touchdown that was just called back. AOL has alerted members of the service today that Schwartz has bought back Fleaflicker. As of July 22, AOL will no longer be in control of the site… Read More

  • AOL Acquires Fantasy Sports Site Fleaflicker

    AOL has acquired Fleaflicker, a New Jersey-based fantasy sports site founded by 26 year old Ori Schwartz. We first covered in July 2006. The transaction price isn’t being disclosed. Based on the highly fluctuating traffic to the site and the fact that they only support football (which explains the huge drops in traffic during the off-season), my guess is this is more of a technology… Read More

  • DraftMix: Faster Fantasy Sports For Fun Or Profit

    Matt Maroon, an ex pro poker player, thinks an entire sports season is too long to wait to play fantasy sports. With his startup DraftMix, he aims to make playing a fantasy game as quick and easy as sitting down for a hand of poker. Fantasy sports is big business online. Figures vary, but estimates place the market at about $1-2 billion with 15-18 million fans following their leagues. Fantasy… Read More

  • FleaFlicker is a Better Fantasy Sports Site

    Fantasy sports leagues are big business, and all the big portals have their own products (see examples at ESPN, FoxSports, AOL, and Yahoo). The sites are increasingly dropping user fees as competition heats up. However, complaints continue that the sites can’t handle the massive traffic and computational load generated from users – ESPN and FoxSports were often criticized in… Read More