VCs see opportunities for gaming infrastructure startups and incumbents

As the infrastructure for developing games becomes more advanced, studios have turned to buying best-in-class technology from others instead of building everything from scratch (often with inferior qu

A friendly reminder: Don’t put passwords in Trello

A new bit of research from David Shear at security firm Flashpoint found that there are hundreds if not thousands of open Trello boards containing passwords, login credentials, and other potentially s

Dyn DNS DDoS likely the work of script kiddies, says Flashpoint

Business risk intelligence firm FlashPoint has put out a preliminary analysis of last week's massive denial of service attack against Dyn DNS, and its conclusion is it was likely the work of amateur h

Georgia Tech’s Flashpoint Accelerator Graduates Its First Class Of Startups

<a href="http://flashpoint.gatech.edu/" target="_blank">Flashpoint</a>, a startup accelerator program based at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia, just had its first Demo Day at the Georgia Tech Resear