• Gizmo Finally Introduces A Browser-Based Phone And Ringing Links

    Skype competitor Gizmo is rolling out a Flash version of its SIP phone client. GizmoCall works entirely in the browser, much like other Flash-based phones from Ribbit (which was acquired by BT), TringMe, and others. In fact, Gizmo’s in-browser phone comes about a year too late. (But it still beat Skype). Like Skype, you pay really low rates for calls to regular phones, while PC calls… Read More

  • TringMe Develops Its Own Flash Phone

    Here come the Flash phones. Most Web-based phone services require a separate application like Skype or Gizmo. Or, like Jajah, they use the Web primarily to initiate a call on a regular phone. But Flash-based Web phones are bringing VOIP calls directly to the browser. Last month we covered Russia’s Flashphone. Now another SIP-based Flash phone is coming out of India’s… Read More

  • Flashphone: Free Browser Based Calls From Russia With Love

    New SIP-based VOIP calling service Flashphone from Russian company “Innovation Systems of Communication” offers browser based free calling. Flashphone is currently in beta and has some limitations (3 calls up to 3 minutes each per day), but upon launch is promising unlimited free calls to a range of countries and services. Where Flashphone is interesting is in its interface… Read More