• Groupon Was Almost A Slippers With Flashlights Company

    According to GroupOn CEO Andrew Mason who is on stage right now at Social Currency CrunchUp, GroupOn was originally a side project Mason started in order to make money, “We tried a zillion things” Mason said. Including selling slippers with flashlights, which Mason describes as “act of desperation, pretty impressive considering that the company is currently making $365 million… Read More

  • Flashlight Speed Holster: Sure, why the hell not?

    This here is called the “Flashlight Speed Holster with Battery Compartment,” brought to you by the good people at Brando. According to the product description, “This Revolutionary Holster allows operators to increase the draw speed of a flashlight!” Read More

  • Solar-powered flashlight features LEDs, lithium-ion battery

    When the power goes out and you finally find your flashlight, it’s invariably out of batteries. Soon you’ll be able to buy a solar-powered flashlight from Chinavasion. It’s got a built-in lithium-ion battery and uses white LEDs with a rated life of 50,000 hours. Read More

  • Heavy duty flashlight recharges in 90 seconds

    If you find yourself using a powerful flashlight on a regular basis, the above-pictured “Light for Life” lasts for 90 minutes on a single charge and recharges in an astonishing 90 seconds. Read More

  • Review: HUGlight adjustable, wearable 4-LED flashlight

    Short Version: The HUGlight is a flexible foam rubber flashlight-type apparatus that can be worn around your neck. It can also be bent and positioned to illuminate hard-to-reach areas, making it more useful than just a simple wearable flashlight. Read More

  • Battery Snaps make any 9V battery into a flashlight

    I’ve got a Maglight in the closet because it doubles as a bludgeon, but I think I might get a couple of these to keep around just in case. They only cost 5 bucks, so you could get a dozen and be set for life. All you do is press the Snap onto the top of a regular battery, and you’ve got a working single-LED flashlight. Not going to light up the moon with that, but kids will love it… Read More

  • We are proud to report our readers won flashlights

    Erik and Leigh are now the proud owners of Spotlight Flashlights. There’s more stuff lying around my office where that came from, so don’t get discouraged! Read More

  • Note: Today is free flashlight Monday

    Attention fans of the website CrunchGear. I have two Spotlight Flashlights to give away to two lucky commenters. From now until noon Eastern tomorrow you, too, can try to win one of these teeny-tiny flashlights. Read More

  • Transforming killer robot flashlight

    I never thought I’d say this, but please witness one of the most intimidating flashlights in recent memory. The $20 Interchangeable Transformative Robot LED Torch/Nightlight goes from killer robot to killer scorpion robot to killer robot crab to standard-looking flashlight in a few quick hand swoops. Read More

  • Review: Energizer Hard Case Professional Headlight

    Do you play too much Splinter Cell? Do you sneak around the neighborhood knocking people unconscious and dragging their bodies into the shadows pretending to be Sam Fisher ? If you can’t afford proper night vision goggles, you could try this headlight. You won’t see in the dark or see your neighbor’s heat signature through their wall or tell where the main electrical lines… Read More

  • K2 'Porcupine' flashlight for blinding and poking

    Ah, the convergence device. Is there anything better? Probably, but let’s try to stay focused here. Speaking of focused, how would you like 70 lumens of “eye-blinding white light” to freeze you like a deer on a dark Wisconsin road just before taking a nice set of “sharpened retractable spikes” to the noggin? If this doesn’t sound appealing to you, maybe… Read More

  • Pak-Lite Is Awesome

    I love minimalist products. There is something deliciously refreshing about them. As everything becomes super complicated, it’s nice to have some thing that retains functional simplicity. Take Pak-Lite for example. With two ultra bright white LED bulbs, it simply snaps on top of a nine-volt battery. Probably kicks the crap out of most giant flash lights too. Bet it isn’t too happy… Read More

  • Killer Flashlight Will Burn Your House Down

    OK, so this thing is pretty ridiculous. One industrious geek used Maglite parts with an Osram Sylvania bulb at 80 times its regular luminosity powered by twelve 1200mV NiMH batteries to achieve total paper combustion. It’s too bad those unfortunate boys in Lord of the Flies didn’t have one of these. Piggy (that’s what we call Vince)! Custom Flashlight Starts Fires, Blinds… Read More

  • True Utility LockLite: A Flashlight on Your Keys (Literally)

    Many people carry those little LED flashlights on their keychains. But, they can add extra bulk to your pockets creating an unsightly bulge. Enter the True Utility LockLite. The LockLight “system” is a “revolutionary new pocket tool,” in that it’s a flashlight you affix to your favorite key. House key, boat key, car key, bordello key, whatever you stick a key in. Read More