• Shunned By Apple, Adobe Embraces Android With AIR 2.5

    Shunned By Apple, Adobe Embraces Android With AIR 2.5

    Apple keeps giving Adobe the brush-off—what with the new MacBook Airs shipping without Flash and Apple’s prohibition (recently rescinded) on porting Flash apps to the iPhone. Without Apple, industry observers are asking “Where does Adobe go from here?” Apparently, right into the arms of Android. On Monday, Adobe will be releasing AIR 2.5 at its Adobe MAX developer… Read More

  • Adobe Flashes OS X With Hardware Acceleration

    Adobe released the latest version of Flash for the Mac recently, bringing it up to speed with the Windows version, which has built in hardware accelerated video decoding. The version you want is, which you can dowload directly from Adobe. [Via LifeHacker & ByteArray] Read More

  • Google Chrome Now Comes With Flash Built In

    Last March, Adobe and Google jointly announced that Flash Player would soon come built in to the latter’s Chrome browser, eliminating the need for users to download, install and update it separately. On Thursday evening, Google released Chrome 5.0.375.86 to the Stable channel on Linux, Mac, and Windows, with a fix for a number of security issues. More importantly, the integrated Flash… Read More

  • Flash ported to the iPod Touch, in a manner of speaking

    Sure it looks horrible and the video is awful, but believe us when we tell you that the same guys who created the Spirit jailbreak have ported Flash to the iPhone. The video, apparently taken through the pinhole camera truck the Bloodhound Gang built back in the 1980s to see where they were being taken after a kidnapping, shows a Strongbad clip. This is obviously a proof of concept in its… Read More

  • Adobe fixes critical Flash flaw (so upgrade right now)

    Adobe has fixed that critical flaw that afflicted so many versions of Flash. So if you’re interested in not being on the wrong end of a malicious attack you would do well to upgrade to the latest version of Flash, version 10.1. Read More

  • IAB Sets Up Tablet Task Force, Praises The iPad And HTML5, Badmouths Flash

    The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) today announced that it has formed the Tablet Task Force, a group comprised of publishing and interactive industry executives, in order to “help create an infrastructure that would support a variety of rich new advertising opportunities for the emerging technologies of tablets and e-readers”. In reality, it’s all about the iPad, as… Read More

  • Critical Adobe flaw: Still want Flash on your iPhone and iPad?

    Adobe has warned users that a critical flaw exists in its Flash, Adobe Reader, and Adobe Acrobat software, and it affects every single platform—Mac, Windows, Linux, Solaris, you name it. Should a “hacker” exploit the flaw, he or she could take control of your entire system. Not to defer to Apple‘s wisdom, but do you really want such a flaky piece of software running on… Read More

  • Survey: Up To Half Of All Media Sites Plan To Support The iPad And HTML5 Video

    Survey: Up To Half Of All Media Sites Plan To Support The iPad And HTML5 Video

    As everyone on the Web knows by now, Steve Jobs does not think too highly of Flash and therefore you cannot watch Flash videos on the the iPad (or the iPhone). Apple’s position has stirred a lot of debate about how much video on the Web is iPad-friendly. It turns out that about two thirds of new videos are currently being encoded in the H.264 format, which is playable on the iPad… Read More

  • Flash kills browsing in Android 2.2 Froyo

    Brian at PocketNow posted a browser comparison video showing the iPhone, the Nexus One, and the HTC HD2 all viewing the same websites. He installed Froyo on the Nexus One and downloaded the Flash beta which allows him to run almost all Flash content. It’s really long.While I do enjoy a long video of a man playing with Android phones, 11 minutes worth of a man playing with phones (found… Read More

  • Adobe, You Brought An Advertisement To A Gun Fight

    Adobe, You Brought An Advertisement To A Gun Fight

    Adobe, no one seems to want to say this to you, but I will. Stop it, you’re embarrassing yourself. You’ve just spent God-knows how much money on an ad buy that blankets much of the technology press (including this site). It’s a strange passive-aggressive message that just makes Jobs’ aggressive-aggressive post from a few weeks ago seem even more forceful. And… Read More

  • Hulu not switching to HTML 5 for the iPad

    VP Eugene Wei might have overstepped recently when he posted to the Hulu company blog that they are looking at HTML 5, but don’t expect it to meet their needs any time soon. This is disappointing to iPad users since the current Hulu player won’t work for them. Read More

  • Adobe thinking different, countering Apple's hate with love

    In the court of public opinion, I doubt Adobe has much to worry about. They make products that are synonymous with image editing – after all nobody ever “MS Paints” Emma Watson’s head onto a nude body, they Photoshop it – and for the vast majority of users Flash or no Flash on a mobile device is immaterial. However, companies must fight and fight they must. Read More

  • Scribd CTO: "We Are Scrapping Flash And Betting The Company On HTML5" (Exclusive Screenshots)

    Adobe’s much-beleaguered Flash is about to take another hit and online documents are finally going to join the Web on a more equal footing. Today, most documents (PDFs, Word docs, Powerpoint slides) can mostly be viewed only as boxed off curiosities in a Flash player, not as full Web pages. Tomorrow, online document sharing site Scribd will start to ditch Flash across its tens of… Read More

  • Good morning, little XBox Flash Drive: SanDisk ships their 360 USB drive

    If you need an official XBox 360 USB Flash Drive (and we all do), why not go down to the SanDisk store and pick up an 8 or 16GB flash drive for $34.99 and $69.99 respectively. N.B. – You can basically use any flash drive with your XBox and, as nice as SanDisk is, this stuff is a bit pricey. Read More

  • Flash seen running on a Google Tablet prototype

    A sharp eyed blogger at the Web 2.0 Expo in SF spotted something rather interesting today at the Adobe booth. Apparently, there is a Google Tablet out there somewhere, and it’s running Android (duh). Not only that, but it seems that Flash runs pretty much seamlessly on prototype. Here we go again. Read More

  • H.264 Already Won—Makes Up 66 Percent Of Web Videos

    Earlier this week, Steve Jobs kicked the debate about the need for Flash into high gear, especially for Web video. As he explained, Apple products like the iPhone and iPad don’t support Flash because although 75 percent of video on the Web is in Flash ” almost all this video is also available in a more modern format, H.264, and viewable on iPhones, iPods and iPads.” The… Read More

  • MIMOBOT series 5 Star Wars flash drives are coming

    As you know, we here at CrunchGear pride ourselves on bringing you the latest and hottest information on novelty USB drives. Nicholas is particularly a fan. But more to the point, we know you are too. Which is why I’m here to tell you that MIMIBOT just announced their latest, the series 5 Star Wars line. There’s even a Stormtrooper that just might be a little shorter then normal. Read More

  • DIY: Convert a disposable camera into a slave flash

    Buying a flash unit can be expensive, but here’s a cheapskate alternative that will do the job, at least for a while. Plus, you’re recycling a disposable camera into something reusable, and saving all those bits from the landfill. Besides, once you use all of the flash out of one disposable camera, you can always build another one to replace it, and recycle the first one. Read More

  • No Flash On The iPad? No Problem. Brightcove Turns Videos Into HTML5.

    The lack of Flash on the iPad is a sore point for many and often listed as one of its greatest potential weaknesses. Not allowing Flash on the iPhone is bad enough, but on the larger iPad with full-screen browsing, its absence will be much more noticeable. Or will it? Already the Web is adapting. Videos powered by Brightcove, for instance, will stream in an HTML5 video player when it… Read More

  • Security expert: Flash is horrible

    An Italian security site ran an interview with Pwn2Own contest winner Charlie Miller about secure systems. He said Windows 7 was pretty darn secure but that – get this – Flash eats it big time when paired with an insecure browser. Read More

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