• Adobe Gives Up On Apple, Works Around iOS’ Flash Video Limitations

    Adobe Gives Up On Apple, Works Around iOS’ Flash Video Limitations

    Ardent iOS supporters have been clamoring for true Flash support for years, and with the announcement of their new version of Flash Media Server, Adobe completely fails to deliver. Instead, they’ve managed to update their media server with a way to get streaming Flash video running on Apple’s myriad iOS devices. Read More

  • Google Abandons “Maps API For Flash”

    Google Abandons “Maps API For Flash”

    In more news of Flash’s impending decline, Google is announcing that it’s “deprecating” the Google Maps API (application programming interface) for Flash. This API previously allowed developers to add Google Maps functionality within their Flash-based applications. However, as of today, use of the API is limited, says Google, with only a small number of applications… Read More

  • HTML5 or Flash? With Yokto’s New Video Player, You Don’t Have To Choose

    HTML5 or Flash? With Yokto’s New Video Player, You Don’t Have To Choose

    Yokto is a newly launched video platform which offers an embeddable player that intelligently switches between a Flash-based interface or HTML5, depending on the device being used to view the content. This idea on its own is not original, of course. Similar solutions from companies like Brightcove, Ooyala, Kaltura¬†and SublimeVideo, for example, offer much of the same thing. But where Yokto… Read More

  • Qualcomm, Adobe Optimize Flash For Snapdragon-Powered Android Phones

    Adobe Flash is to the smartphone as an unwanted cousin is to your wedding: necessary, yet painstaking. Apple CEO Steve Jobs seems to hate the software, neglecting to support it on all four models of the iPhone. Google’s done a better job of incorporating Flash support into the Android operating system, but still, most of the time Flash ends up being a battery killer, a security risk, not… Read More

  • Flash in the Pan

    The news from NBC/Universal/Comcast is that the cable giant has finally made deals with both ABC and Fox to carry selected shows on their on-demand service. This is big news for the iPad set, because all four major broadcast networks are now available in a single service, on the iPad, without Flash. Across town we hear talk of hardware acceleration linking up with Android to make Flash… Read More

  • Google Chrome Can Now Clean Up Flash's Cookie Mess

    Google Chrome Can Now Clean Up Flash's Cookie Mess

    I still don’t particularly like the fact that Google decided to bundle Adobe Flash with their Chrome web browser about a year ago. Apple preference aside, the last thing I want is the buggy, often insecure, and performance killing plug-in shoved in my face. More importantly, I think it’s a maneuver that will only serve to slow the transition to HTML5. But Google has their reasons. Read More

  • Adobe's Wallaby Can't Jump Very High

    Earlier today, Adobe Labs released Wallaby, a way to convert simple Flash games and animations into HTML so that it is readable on “devices that do not support the Flash runtimes.” Those would be iPhones and iPads. In other words, Wallaby is Adobe’s way of bowing down to HTML5 and, by extension, to Steve Jobs who has always insisted that there is no need for Flash because… Read More

  • When Will Apple Cave And Accept Flash? Maybe When It Doesn't Suck

    I read an interesting article this morning that suggested Apple would change its mind and put Adobe’s Flash technology on its iOS devices within a year. I don’t think that’s going to happen. In an open letter to users, Apple CEO Steve Jobs gave several reasons why he didn’t want Flash on the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. They are: Flash isn’t open; the full web… Read More

  • Read The Fine Print: No Motorola Xoom Flash Support Until 'Spring 2011'

    Bad news for those of you who were looking forward to the release of the Motorola Xoom, the world’s first Honeycomb-based tablet. It seems that the tablet will not ship with Adobe Flash at launch, and that you’ll have to wait to sometime this spring to see proper Flash support. That’s a shame. Read More

  • AMD Hardware Acceleration Comes To Flash Player 10.2

    Adobe released version 10.2 of its Flash Player yesterday, but this bit of news may have flown under the radar. It seems that Adobe worked with AMD in order to bring hardware acceleration to Flash video—provided you’re using recent AMD hardware, of course. What could be better than hardware accelerated YouTube videos? Read More

  • Google Clarifies Their H.264 Stance, Hands Keys Of Web Video's Future Back To Flash

    Google Clarifies Their H.264 Stance, Hands Keys Of Web Video's Future Back To Flash

    Earlier this week, Google wrote a very short post on their relatively small Chromium blog to announce a big change: they were dropping support for the H.264 codec in Chrome. While they may have tried to whisper it, the post resulted in a shitstorm that reached high into the heavens. It seems as if just about everyone weighed in on the decision (including us, twice). As a result of the… Read More

  • So Google, You'll Be Dropping Support For Flash Next, Right?

    So Google, You'll Be Dropping Support For Flash Next, Right?

    Do you smell that? Just wait a second. You will. Though H.264 plays an important role in video, as our goal is to enable open innovation, support for the codec will be removed and our resources directed towards completely open codec technologies. The bolding is mine, but that’s Google’s actual statement as to why they’re dropping support for the H.264 video codec from the… Read More

  • The Gloves Are Off: Google Chrome Browser Will Drop Support For H.264 Video Codec

    In the world of online video, there is a battle brewing over the next dominant standard for online video, especially on HTML5 Web pages. Today, Google took the gloves off and declared that it will soon stop supporting the H.264 video codec in its Chrome browser. Instead, it will only support open-source technologies such as its own WebM initiative (with its VP8 codec) and the open-source… Read More

  • Chrome Browser Sandboxes Flash To Protect Against Malware

    Chrome Browser Sandboxes Flash To Protect Against Malware

    One of the big issues with Flash is that it introduces all sorts of security vulnerabilities, especially if you don’t have the latest security patches and updates. Google has chosen to embrace Flash both in its Chrome browser and Android OS (as opposed to that other company which won’t let Flash anywhere near its iPhones and iPads). But it wants to minimize the security risks… Read More

  • Flash Free: Aviary Hatches A Lightweight HTML5 Photo Editor For The Web

    Flash Free: Aviary Hatches A Lightweight HTML5 Photo Editor For The Web

    Aviary is very good at what they do. That is, offering relatively powerful tools for amateur artists to edit content online. But all of those tools are Flash-based. And some of Aviary’s partners didn’t like that too much, feeling they were too cumbersome. And some users were interested in the tools, but also wanted something more lightweight. So Aviary went to work, and came up with… Read More

  • Fixing a Hole

    And it really doesn’t matter if I’m wrong I’m right where I belong, sings Paul McCartney on his latest album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Facebook Band, which sits high on the iTunes charts. Boy, is he not kidding. He’s taking the time for a number of things that weren’t important yesterday. So should we. On the surface it seems like business as usual, with the heads… Read More

  • Adobe CEO: Flash 10.1 Adoption Has Exceeded Every Other Flash Player In History

    Today during the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, Adobe CEO¬†Shantanu Narayen sat down with John Battelle to talk a bit about his company. The first thing they talked about was Apple. And despite Battelle saying he wouldn’t focus on it, it kept coming back up. But it led to Narayen revealing on interesting stat. “The amount of Flash video, despite what you might read in the press… Read More

  • Adobe CEO On Apple: "Let The Games Begin"

    Adobe CEO On Apple: "Let The Games Begin"

    Today at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen sat down for talk with host John Battelle. With his first question, Battelle didn’t beat around the bush: Apple. Narayen noted that it’s appropriate that the theme of his conference is “points of control” because that’s what this standoff between Apple and Adobe is all about. Read More

  • Shunned By Apple, Adobe Embraces Android With AIR 2.5

    Shunned By Apple, Adobe Embraces Android With AIR 2.5

    Apple keeps giving Adobe the brush-off—what with the new MacBook Airs shipping without Flash and Apple’s prohibition (recently rescinded) on porting Flash apps to the iPhone. Without Apple, industry observers are asking “Where does Adobe go from here?” Apparently, right into the arms of Android. On Monday, Adobe will be releasing AIR 2.5 at its Adobe MAX developer… Read More

  • Adobe Flashes OS X With Hardware Acceleration

    Adobe released the latest version of Flash for the Mac recently, bringing it up to speed with the Windows version, which has built in hardware accelerated video decoding. The version you want is, which you can dowload directly from Adobe. [Via LifeHacker & ByteArray] Read More

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