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  • Toshiba chip business set for $18B sale to Bain-led group backed by Apple

    Toshiba chip business set for $18B sale to Bain-led group backed by Apple

    The long-running saga over the future of Toshiba’s memory chip business — the world’s second largest supplier of NAND memory used in phones and PCs — took a big step forward after the Japanese company officially agreed [PDF] to an $18 billion sale to a consortium led by Bain Capital, which includes Apple among its backers. A deal was agreed in principle earlier this… Read More

  • Western Digital To Aquire SanDisk For $19 Billion

    Western Digital To Aquire SanDisk For $19 Billion

    Western Digital just bought a bunch of memory cards. The storage giant just announced that it has agreed to buy SanDisk Corp for about $19 billion. This comes after speculation that SanDisk was shopping for a buyer. The deal values SanDisk at $86.50 a share, which is a 15% premium on the previous day’s closing price, giving the company a value of $15.4 billion. SanDisk is currently up… Read More

  • Cloud-Based Phone Service RingCentral To Debut At $13 On NYSE, Offering 7.5M Shares To Raise $97.5M

    Cloud-Based Phone Service RingCentral To Debut At $13 On NYSE, Offering 7.5M Shares To Raise $97.5M

    RingCentral, the cloud-based phone service, will open trading tomorrow on the New York Stock Exchange at $13 per share, offering 7.5 million shares and raising $97 million. It will trade under the ticket symbol “RNG.” Violin Memory, a Flash memory provider, will also debut tomorrow under the symbol “VMEM.” Its final trading price has not been disclosed, but a mid-range… Read More

  • Why Apple Bought Anobit

    Why Apple Bought Anobit

    Apple finally confirmed earlier reports that it bought Israeli semiconductor startup Anobit Technologies. Apple did not confirm the price, which is believed to be between $400 million and $500 million. Apple bought Anobit for two reasons: its flash memory controllers are a key component of all Apple’s leading products (from iPads and iPhones to MacBook Airs), and in one fell swoop it… Read More

  • Super Talent Outs Affordable USB 3.0 Flash Drives

    Most motherboard manufacturers already have USB 3.0 support in their products. And while there are a few good USB 3.0 flash drives out, the majority have been expensive. Super Talent just released some new lower-priced drives that are actually affordable. “Here is a USB 3.0 drive that performs, yet stays on budget. There’s simply really no reason to buy a USB 2.0 flash drive… Read More

  • Smartphones And Tablets Continue To Consume All The Mobile DRAM

    In 2011, the market for mobile DRAM is expected to increase by 71% according to IHS. It’s projected that we will see 2.9 billion gigabits shipped in 2011; quite a bit more than last years sales of 1.7 billion Gb. By 2015 it’s expected that shipments will increase to 20.5 billion Gb. The reason for all this growth: smartphones and tablets. Maybe that’s why Apple bought all… Read More

  • $3.9 Billion Of Apple's Massive Cash Reserves To Go Toward LCD Displays?

    When Apple announced their Q1 2011 numbers on Tuesday, Apple’s Tim Cook made an interesting comment about what Apple plans to do with their massive, nearly $60 billion, war chest of cash. Apple will do the same for some ‘secret’ components, which is not dissimilar to the time that Apple bought all the flash memory. We think we might know what the secret is and… Read More

  • News Flash: Hot Deals on Flash Memory

    Flash memory prices have continued to fall in the recent months. With the advent of HD video and now HD movies on SLRs, having enough space has always kept us mindful. Read More

  • Toshiba hits 128GB with new NAND flash memory

    Expect your smartphone, digital camera or tablet computer to get a big spec bump in the near future: Toshiba today announced it has developed the world’s first embedded NAND flash memory module with 128GB capacity. That’s enough to store 2,222 hours of music (at 128Kbps), 16.6 hours of full HD video, or 38.4 hours of SD video. Read More

  • Super Talent SuperCrypt flash drive is both super with USB 3.0 and cryptic with 256-bit encryption

    This is more like it. After seeing Corsair out a USB 2.0 flash drive yesterday, it kind of cast some doubt on the viability of USB 3.0. But Super Talent is here to restore our faith in the standard with the SuperCrypt flash drive. Yay! Read More

  • New SanDisk CF cards hit huge transfer speeds

    If you thought that anything with EXTREME in the title meant that it was the absolute best of its kind, think again! SanDisk’s Extreme CompactFlash cards have just been karate-chopped by its own newly-announced line of Extreme Pro cards. Extreme… PRO! Read More

  • Secure Digital EXTREME Extended Capacity holds up to 2 TB

    The venerable Secure Digital memory card is getting a refresh at CES this year. The new SDXC — Secure Digital Extended Copy — will hold up to 2 terabytes of data, and promises transfer speeds of up to 300MB/sec. That’s 4,000 images in super-uncompressed RAW format, or 17,000 finely compressed JPEGs. Read More

  • Buffalo introduces a super-slim 16GB thumb drive

    Thin is in! The RUF2-KL, introduced in Japan, would be your run-of-the-mill 16GB thumb drive, if it weren’t for the fact that it’s only 8mm thick. (0.315 inches) The lilliputian thumb drive is expected to sell for about 5980 Yen ($70). Since Buffalo claims they’re not selling flash memory here, it’s unclear if it will hit state-side. Read More

  • Rumor: New Xbox 360 mobo to get 256MB flash memory

    Image credit: Moddage
    Images of Jasper, the new (manufactured Oct 23) Xbox 360 mobo, show some neat features that haven’t been announced or confirmed by Microsoft. Among them are the run of the mill 150W power supply (lower power consumption means lower power bills for you, natch), a GPU with a  smaller footprint, and 256MB of internal storage via a flash chip. Read More

  • Spansion suing Samsung over flash memory patents [Update]

    Smaller, lesser known (to Joe Blow consumer) tech companies have been known to take on the big guys with lawsuits that may or may not hold up in court, but this one seems to hold a bit of water. At least it appears that way based on the Reuters and WSJ reports on the matter. Spansion, an offshoot of AMD, is accusing Samsung and four of its U.S. subsidiaries of infringing on multiple patents… Read More

  • Eye-Fi wireless SD card gets bumped up to 4GB

    Everyone’s favorite wireless memory card is now available with four gigabytes of storage. The Eye-Fi Anniversary Edition has just been announced to commemorate one year of wireless photo slinging from the Mountain View, California-based company. The card is selling with an MSRP of $129.99 but Costco members can get it for $99 on Costco.com – not too bad for a 4GB SDHC card with… Read More

  • Duracell teams up with Dane-Elec for flash memory product line

    Duracell wants some of the tasty flash memory pie and have a complete product line coming soon with help from Dane-Elec. The Duracell product line will include Secure Digital, CompactFlash and microSD Flash Memory cards; USB Flash Drives; Flash memory Card Readers; and other Flash Memory bundles, such as an Instant Power Charger and micro SD card bundle, USB Flash Drive 3-packs or SD Card… Read More

  • Make your own solid-state drive from this thing and some CF cards

    Cool. It’s still a little rich for my blood, but if you can figure out how to hot-swap the CF cards without losing data, this could be an awesome little gadget. It’s got a SATA interface, but you could probably rig it up to sit outside the computer so you can pop in new pairs of cards whenever you need to. It’s difficult to say whether it’s practical at this point. Read More

  • Apple Causing Flash Memory Prices To Jump

    Remember how about a year ago, the big news was that NAND flash memory prices were dropping and iPods were getting cheaper? Yeah, well thanks to the iPhone and new iPods that are due out later this year, Apple is causing the flash memory industry to raise its prices again. It makes sense. There’s a hot product on the market selling like hotcakes and it uses flash memory. You do the… Read More

  • Flash Based Video iPod Put On Ice

    Well, it looks like a flash based video iPod won’t be coming this year after all. It’s no secret that Apple has been planning a flash memory video iPod, but the exact time table has been in question for a very long time. According to Taiwanese memory manufacturers, Apple has placed monthly orders of 20 million 1GB NAND flash memory units for Q3, but they say the MP3 giant… Read More