flash drive

  • Careful. These USB dinos might not be as cuddly as they look.

    Novelty USB flash drives drives are a dime a dozen these days, but there is something about these fire-breathing dragons that are just so damn cute. Look at ’em! They are available in a verity of colors and all have a flexible silicone lid that flips open to reveal the USB port. Could be a great stocking stuffing at only $21.95 for a 4GB dino. X-Treme Geek via Technabob Read More

  • LaCie intros the CurrenKey: a flash drive destined to be lost

    Flash drives are easy enough to lose when they actually look like a piece of technology so why even buy LaCie‘s CurrenKey ’cause you know its going to get lost anyway. It looks like a coin, for goodness sake. The USB 2.0 drive is even constructed out of metal so it’s going to feel like a coin, too. Read More

  • Kingston joins the 32GB USB flash drive club

    Kingston’s latest USB flash drive bumps the tech company over the next flash memory speed bump. The $139 DT150 DataTraveler is just like every other flash drive out there except a massive 32GB capacity. What else is there to say? It’s a flash drive and can hold a boatload of your crap. Read More

  • Ghostbusters 2GB USB flash drive, yes with movie

    Well here’s a new one by me. A movie released on a USB flash drive. The press release says it’s the first time a full-length feature has been released in this manner. Not a bad idea, really. Especially because it is Ghostbusters. While the video game has been on a shaky road as it finds its way onto consoles, this Ghostbusters-branded flash drive is supposedly available starting, now. Read More

  • Wafer thin USB drive unveiled today from Kingston

    Announced today in Fountain Valley, California, Kingston presented its DataTraveler Mini Slim USB flash drives. The super thin drives measure in at 1.529- x 0.645- x 0.253-inches. They come in 2 and 4GB capacities for $11 and $19, respectively. Read More

  • Wow, a Swiss Army Knife with an 8GB flash drive!

    No better way to get beat in the ghetto than by pulling out this Swiss Army Knife and accidentally switching to the 8GB flash drive instead of the knife proper. (Yes, it’s run-on sentence Monday.) The utility knife, which costs $44.38—how precise—also features such 21st century necessities as a pair of tiny scissors, a nail file, pen and screwdriver. The fun never stops! Read More

  • Review: Kingston DataTraveler HyperX USB flash drive

    Flash drives have become so ubiquitous that people don’t really question them any more. I know I didn’t until I got this Kingston DT. I have a handful of thumbdrives of various sizes and qualities, and I just sort of accepted that there wasn’t much variation between them aside from build quality and capacity. I never asked myself what would happen if you put high-end… Read More

  • Transformers USB Flash Drives: Somewhere Doug Aamoth's Head Just Exploded

    My love affair with Transformers will never die nor will my abhorrence of USB flash drives so I guess this is a good compromise. If you’re an Autobot then you get the shaft with only 1GB of storage while those dastardly Decepticons get 2GB. It’s really not fair that the good guys get screwed over like this. They’re pricey for what they are, but any fanboy would willingly… Read More