Fixya’s New App “6ya” Lets You Get Voice & Video Tech Support For Anything In 6 Minutes Flat

For nearly 10 years, online Q&A site Fixya has offered a way for web searchers to find information and receive troubleshooting support from area experts and other local pros. Today, the company i

Fixit Site Fixya Launches Services For Small Businesses And Companies

Fixya, the site that gives do-it-yourselfers tips for fixing broken stuff, is launching a new service aimed at connecting local repair shops and service providers with people in need of assistance. &#

Troubleshooting Q&A Platform FixYa’s New iOS App Allows You To Record And Post Videos Of Product Issues

<a target="_blank" href="">FixYa</a>, the Q&A site for products where where amateur product experts give repair advice to consumers, is debuting a new app today that allows pe

iPad Is The Least Problematic Tablet Says FixYa, The Tech Q&A Site

<a HREF="">FixYa</a>, a product Q&A site, took a look at its own holiday stats to collect some facts about many major cell phones and tablets including iOS and Android devices. The

FixYa Upgrades Its Q&A Service For Product Issues With Gamification And Some Realtime Data-Sharing

We first covered <a href="">FixYa</a>, the Q&A site for products, <a href="">back in 2007</a>, after the startup demoed at t

Fixya Adds Product Recommendations, And Why VC's Are Hot For It

<img src="" width="215" height="161" /> Ask your average Israeli venture capitalist to name a few companies t

Fixya Raises $6 Million B Round for Crowdsourced Tech-Support

Companies hate providing good tech support for their products because it is expensive. And consumers hate calling up tech support when they can’t get a gadget to work properly because they usual

Fixya: Fixya Junk

How do we get tech support? Well, you can RTFM or call the help-line. That usually results in a 25% chance of fixing the problem. Then you can do a search, find a forum mentioning your problem, post (