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The Adidas-branded Fitbit Ionic smartwatch arrives March 19 for $330

The Fitbit Ionic was designed to be the future of the struggling wearable maker, but so far the smartwatch has failed to catch the world on fire. As CEO James Park put it during this week’s financia

Fitbit’s Ionic smartwatch is getting 60 new apps including Yelp, Uber and Deezer

A lack of apps wasn’t my biggest issue with the Fitbit Ionic — but it was up there. The inclusion of a third-party app store was one of the ways the company was looking to set the device apart fro

Fitbit CEO James Park on the way forward for wearables

But while some close competition like Jawbone have gone the way of the dodo, Fitbit is still kicking — and is indeed still synonymous with the wearable category for many consumers.The company has wo

Fitbit is betting big on the Ionic smartwatch

The Ionic is a bit of a Hail Mary pass. The smartwatch represents years of R&D and millions of dollars in acquisitions converging into one product. It’s one the company’s CEO has been talking

Fitbit is teaming with Adidas for a branded version of its Ionic smartwatch

The Ionic needs to be a big product for Fitbit. Sure, the company’s CEO assured me that it’s not make or break, but after years of research and development and tens of millions in acquisitions, Fi