• Fitbit shares tank 29 percent as holiday sales look bleak

    Fitbit shares tank 29 percent as holiday sales look bleak

    Fitbit is going to have a rough holiday season as the company shared a disappointing outlook for the next quarter on yesterday’s earnings call. As a result, Fitbit shares (NYSE:FIT) opened at $9.03, down 29.5 percent compared to yesterday’s closing price of $12.81. So what happened exactly? Fitbit’s earning report yesterday wasn’t great, but it wasn’t too bad either. Read More

  • Energize your Wii Fit with the Nyko Energy Pak

    If you’re using your Wii Fit enough to warrant a rechargeable batter pack, God bless you. Nyko’s Energy Pak is a rechargeable battery with LED charge indicator that fits right into the Wii Fit and offers 20 hours of life. It comes with an AC adapter. Available on May 19, the pack will cost $19.99 and should be on shortly. We gave out about five billion Nyko products at… Read More

  • Miyamoto: Wii fit great for us fatties, hasn't killed anyone yet

    Shigeru Miyamoto told MTV News that there have been very few incidents of people being hurt by the Wii Fit and that the platform will help stem the rising tide of obesity in the United States. Har har. Actually, Miyamoto is pretty defeatist, saying that he knows the Fit won’t keep anyone slim: I think what’s more important, though, is that rather than trying to have people try… Read More