• RoboFisher Will Let You Fish In Even The Harshest Of Storms

    RoboFisher Will Let You Fish In Even The Harshest Of Storms

    Blow, blow, thou winter wind, thou art not so unkind as man’s inability to fish in thee! In northern, colder climes, fish, as we all know, tend to freeze right in place and take nutrients in through their skin because they have their pores open all the time. But what if you want to go catch some of those fish? Robofisher has the answer. This service allows you to rent time on a fishing… Read More

  • Watch This Robot Hunt And Kill Destructive Starfish

    Watch This Robot Hunt And Kill Destructive Starfish

    Dear friends: there is now a robot that can kill starfish underwater by hunting them down and injecting them with poison. The starfish in question is the Crown of Throns Sea Star, a destructive seadweller that has been hurting coral reefs for a while. They are so pervasive that they create massive populations – 100,000 per kilometer – in a few years. So now there’s a robot… Read More

  • 3D-Printed Microfish May Soon Inject Themselves In Your Body

    3D-Printed Microfish May Soon Inject Themselves In Your Body

    Not unlike those fortune-telling fish you used to get at joke shops a new form of 3D-printed microfish – fish, not fiche – can wiggle and jiggle and wriggle inside you, dropping off medicine and cleaning up toxins as they go. Researchers at the University of California, San Diego have created nano-sized fish out of materials that can react to their environment, allowing them to… Read More

  • Watch This Actual Real-Life Fish Play Pokémon (Albeit Poorly)

    Watch This Actual Real-Life Fish Play Pokémon (Albeit Poorly)

    I have, in my day, been something of an amateur aquarist, but I never thought to provide my fish with a pastime like playing Pokemon. One intrepid Twitch user has done just that, programming an interface that interprets their fish’s swimming habits as button presses on a virtual controller for the original Red/Blue version of Pokemon. The fish is a betta (or ‘Siamese… Read More

  • MIT Builds A ‘Soft Robotic’ Fish That’s Perfectly Cuddly, Moves Like The Real Thing

    MIT Builds A ‘Soft Robotic’ Fish That’s Perfectly Cuddly, Moves Like The Real Thing

    Soft robotics is a field that’s growing so fast MIT has created an entire journal dedicated to the field, and the first edition profiles a robot fish that can perform a getaway maneuver with its flexible body almost as fast as the real thing. Read More

  • Video: Mini fuel cell powering a robot fish

    This robotic fish is not the first of its kind, but it’s certainly one of the coolest out there (granted, not too many of these actually exist). Developed by the Faculty of Engineering at Osaka City University, the unnamed robo fish can move very realistically and has a key selling point: It can be powered by a solid-polymer fuel cell dubbed “Power Tube”. Read More

  • Six pound Swedish Fish proves boy's love for his sister

    First there was the crazy five pound gummy bear and now we find something considerably grosser. Our own Weatherman, commenter extraordinaire, created – wait for it – a huge, disgusting Swedish Fish. Read More

  • Robo-fish swims like a real fish, tastes considerably worse than real fish when fried

    Once upon a time great wizards named Kamal Youcef-Toumi and Pablo Valdivia Y Alvarado created a magical mechanical fish. The King of MIT was pleased and so put forth a press release describing the fish as a “long-term sensing and exploration unit.” The fish are completely self-contained and covered in delicious rubber. It moves just like a real fish by twirling its fins and moving… Read More

  • Control your fish tank from your iPhone

    Do you need telemetric data from your fish tank? Do you even have a fish tank? Well, you’re in luck because TankedCAM is a fish tank monitoring and video system for iPhone that allows you to watch your fishy fishes as well as turn on their little fish toys. there’s even a flash demo for those who wish to open and close a dinosaur’s mouth. Read More

  • One step to Santa's naughty list

    If you like to pump your music from your iPod for all to hear, and you like to be cruel to animals with seven seconds of memory, have we got the device for you. Meet the iPond, the real-life speaker/aquariam combo that has animal’s rights do-gooders up in arms. Er, fins, or whatever you get up-in for fish. The claim is that the aquarium is up to fifteen times smaller than the fish… Read More

  • Great moments in the Amazon Suggestion System

    I see you’re buying a scanner. Would you like a USB cable or some salmon? Read More

  • Fish-Cleaning Fish-Fryer

    Wow this one just seems so wrong to me. The video shows a man who invented a deep fryer that is cleaned by way of a fish tank underneath. The fryer gunk drains into the tank and the fishies eat it. It prevents people from having to clean the fryer frequently and from having to feed the fish. It also turns the fish into cannibals which is pretty effed up. I guess though that it’s as… Read More

  • German Fishloft Makes Your Fish Cooler Than The Other Fish

    Oh man, this is cool. Completely uselss, but so so cool. It’s a Fishloft. It’s German…and that’s about all we know. If you know German, you can check out the offical website to answer your burning questions such as “Woraus besteht Fishloft?” Basically, you would put this in a pond and pump the air out and the water in. The next thing you know, pond… Read More