Firmware Updates

  • Major PSP firmware update adds tethering, Media Go

    Since the PSP Go is coming tomorrow, it was reasonable to expect a firmware update the PSP. We just didn’t expect one this full of content. Will it be enough to get the homebrew people to upgrade? Probably not, but for the casual user it’s quite the step forward. Can you say tethering? I knew you could. Read More

  • Firmware update should fix 17-inch MacBook Pro display issues

    So Apple just released a firmware update for the new 17-inch MacBook Pro that supposedly fixes that nasty screen tearing issue we discussed. As with all firmware updates, you’re asked to pray to your god of choice in order to ensure that the update goes smoothly. Read More

  • PS3 and PSP updates enable much newness

    The latest updates for the PS3 and PSP adds a pretty fair amount of useful functionality. You can customize when your PS3 and controllers go to sleep, and can set your PS3 to shut down after finishing a big download. There’s support for the new SOCOM bluetooth headset, you can now see more info on friends who aren’t online, and you can take screenshots in-game now, if the game… Read More

  • Anonymous source leaks details of the LG Voyager update

    The fine forks from MobileRoar are reporting that they got some hot details on a LG Voyager update from a “reliable” source. LG is calling this update the Voyager Refresh and it’s basically a firmware update free to all Voyager owners. The hardware has supposedly been improved too and you should be able to notice some cosmetic differences. People buying a Voyager for the… Read More

  • Nokia Soon to Roll Out New N95 Firmware

    Owners of the Nokia N95 will soon be treated to new firmware by the cell phone maker. The firmware update will include the new version of Nokia Maps as well as Assisted-GPS, a feature that uses a data connection to estimate the phone’s location and make a GPS location lock much quicker. The release date of the new firmware has not yet been released. New N95 Firmware Coming… Read More

  • Creative Zen Vision:M Firmware Update, FM Recording Returns

    Creative announced today the availability of Zen Vision:M firmware 1.60.01. The new version restores M users’ ability to record FM radio. No word on exactly why Creative has chosen to uncripple its player, but I know more than one M user who will be happy the feature has returned. Speculation has presumed that Creative had disabled the function due to flak from the RIAA, but that… Read More