firmware update

  • New firmware update: Sony readies PS3 for future 3D games

    Sony, which just recently scrapped Linux as an alternate OS for the PS3 with firmware update v3.21, released v3.30 today. The mandatory update neither brings Linux back nor features anything substantial per se (it gives you new sorting options for trophies). But with it, Sony readies the console for future 3D games and other 3D content. Read More

  • Sony PS3 firmware update coming soon

    The PlayStation folks have just posted a quick note about the upcoming update to the PS3, v2.6. This particular update will enhance the media features of the game console. One of the new ‘key features’ is the Photo Gallery app that just sorts your images in various ways based on camera used, event date, time, etc. Lame, I know, but there’s more. Read More

  • Samsung Instinct getting firmware updates

    Sprint started pushing firmware updates to Samsung Instinct users yesterday; applications as they are opened will prompt users to download the update. Though Sprint warns that “applications are updated by the vendor, and vendors set their own schedules.” Update highlights include: reduced system busy errors for large picturemails; better browser access to Yahoo, Hotmail, Best Buy… Read More