• Rumor: ComCast firings in Michigan

    An irate reader writes: 100’s of Comcast Customer Account Executives were fired last year and will
    be fired this year due to their inability to meet increasingly difficult job
    requirements. If you call in to get your cable fixed or have a question
    regarding your bill, the phone rep must resolve your issue and try to sell a
    core product – internet, phone or digital cable (if you… Read More

  • Vonage CEO Leaves – I Told You So!

    I so called it! Vonage is totally creaking. Today, Michael Snyder, CEO of Vonage, stepped down from his position so that he, ya know, won’t be part of a company that fails. Rumor has it that plenty of other jobs have been cut over at Vonage as well, which is probably true when your stock is a whopping $3.11 a share. Despite all the woes lately, Vonage still posted a decent Q1 earnings… Read More