• Review: iStoragePro iT4UFER and a contest

    Storage is cheap, and just keeps getting cheaper. I remember buying my first 250 megabyte hard drive, and paying just under a dollar per meg. Now we’re approaching multi-terabyte drives at retail stores for extremely reasonable prices. The age old problem, though, is how to protect all that precious data. RAID solutions have been around for a long time, but the consumer-grade… Read More

  • FireWire 800 now part of Western Digital My Passport Studio portable hard drive

    That Apple eliminated FireWire 400 from the MacBook Pro wasn’t lost on Western Digital, which just original story titlereleased a FireWire 800 version of the My Passport Studio portable hard drive. The HDD, which tops out at 500GB, is designed for mobile professionals—photographers and videographers—who need to carry large files with them. It weighs less than seven ounces… Read More

  • OWC Quad interface Blu-ray drive: Firewire 800/400, USB2, eSATA

    This is sorta neat. It’s the OWC Memory Pro Blu-ray Quad Interface—a mouthful to describe an external Blu-ray drive that can connect to your Mac or PC four ways. That is, Firewire 800, Firewire 400, USB 2.0 and eSATA. Too bad Firewire 400 is on its way out, though. The drive, which starts at $499, can read and write Blu-ray discs, DVD, DVD-RAM (that’s still around?) and CD-R/RW. Read More

  • FireWire catching up to USB with 3.2 GB/s spec

    The IEEE has approved a new standard for IEEE 1394, introducing support for faster data transfers, marking a significant improvement for the serial bus interface. The new IEEE 1394-2008 specification will introduce support for S1600 (1.6 GB/s) and S3200 (3.2 GB/s). It will be fully backward compatible with previous ports, S400 and S800. Many older FireWire and i.Link devices are still running… Read More

  • Review: Lexar Professional UDMA 8GB CF card, Professional UDMA FireWire 800 CF card reader, Professional SDHC 4GB card

    How does one review a memory card without getting super technical and uber nerdy? Test it against every other memory card in your camera bag! That’s how. I’ve had the great pleasure of having the aforementioned memory cards from Lexar in my arsenal for the better part of two months. I hate to pit a Class 6 SDHC card against a lowly Class 2 SDHC, but that’s all I have. (Feel… Read More

  • OWC launches new portable hard drives that appear to rule

    I love bus-powered devices, especially external hard drives, but they tend to have fairly small capacities. I do like, those, these new Other World Computing Mercury On-The-Go portable drives. They’re compact, bus-powered, work with Firewire 400 or USB 2, and even look cool. What’s really great is they’re high-capacity and fairly affordable, topping out with a 200GB drive… Read More

  • New FireWire standard promises big speed increase

    Hey everybody, get ready to have your asses rocked by the impending four-fold increase in FireWire transfer speed. It’s gonna make you wish that you had your own crash helmet for some reason or another. Seriously though, I miss FireWire. Ever since USB 2.0 came out, I’m down to only one device that still uses the good old IEEE 1394 interface. It’s an old Canon GL1 camcorder… Read More

  • PatentMonkey: Apple Multi-Touch is the New FireWire

    OOOOH, multi-touch: Apple’s going to a multi-touch laptop and mouse.. Think of the possibilities!!!!! Remember FireWire? Apple poured tons of resources into a superior technology with hopes of driving an industry to see data transfer from device to device in a new, faster way. With 53 patents protecting the project, it represents one of a number of over-hyped, under-utilized areas of… Read More

  • NAB 2007: Aja's Firewire Do-It-All

    Aja makes video capture and playback solutions for both Mac OS and Windows PCs, and at NAB, the company has set us adrool. Final Cut Studio 2, Apple’s awesome looking new digital video editing suite (which we’ll cover more later) includes something called ProRes 422, basically a package for handling and editing uncompressed HD on the new 8-way Mactopusses. Aja has debuted a… Read More

  • Compact 200GB Has Ports to Spare, Blue LED

    OtherWorldComputing is selling a fat 200GB travel drive with – get this – FireWire 800, FireWire 400, USB 2.0 and SATA support for $379.99. You can also get a USB 2.0 version at 120GB for $149.99 and a FireWire+USB version for about $279.99. Aside from the plethora of available ports, this drive is completely bus powered, which means you don’t need a wall wart to power it. Read More

  • Ultra Products Stacks Your Peripherals

    Ultra Products out of Fletcher, Ohio has unveiled a new line of computer peripherals that are made to be stacked atop each other, like some sort of hi-tech Legos. Starting with a pair of external HD enclosures, one USB 2, one USB 2 + Firewire. The cases are designed to stack safely with interconnected parts. Also, the form factor is crafted to allow for optimal cooling when used with other… Read More