• TCTV: Up Close With The Gibson Firebird X Robot Guitar

    Guitar-maker Gibson has a problem on their hands. After nearly a century of producing some of the most storied guitars in existence for, from the Les Paul electrics to genre-defining acoustics, Gibson has taken a turn into the space age. With the launch of their latest creation, the Firebird X, however, fans have been up in arms about styling, gimmicks and, most important, Gibson’s… Read More

  • Review: HP Firebird 803

    I remember the HP Blackbird as being pretty much the zenith of custom computer-building. Its second-to-none specs and stunning design put it ahead of everyone else — although its was monumentally expensive. The Firebird is a sort of companion piece to the Blackbird: quieter, more compact, less powerful but still potent, and significantly less expensive. We got the latest version, the… Read More