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Amazon brings its ‘Tap to Alexa’ accessibility feature to Fire tablets for the first time

Amazon today announced it’s bringing a new accessibility option to its new line of Fire tablets with the addition of “Tap to Alexa” functionality —  a way to interact with the

Food Network Kitchen brings live, interactive cooking classes to Echo Show, Fire TV & more

Someone is finally putting the Echo Show to good use. Today, Discovery announced the U.S. launch of its Food Network Kitchen subscription service, which will bring daily live and on-demand cooking cla

Amazon is bringing hands-free Alexa to Fire 7 and Fire HD 8 tablets

Amazon is bringing “hands-free” access to Alexa – a feature currently found on its flagship Fire HD 10 tablet – to the rest of its Fire tablet line, the company announced this

Amazon rolls out colorful $70 Fire tablets with double the storage of its $50 tablet

Amazon made waves last year when it introduced a $50 Fire tablet that was actually a fairly decent device for the price. Today, the company is rolling out a middle-of-road option for those who want a

Amazon Tempts Parents With A $100 Tablet For Kids

How can any company compete with iPad when it comes to being the preferred tablet for children, thanks to the App Store's large selection of educational apps and age-appropriate games? Amazon's str