Verizon calls out Cablevision over ‘fastest broadband in America’ claim

<img src="" />Game on! Cablevision, a cable company that serves the suburbs of New York City, and whose ISP, OptimumOnline, I use, recentl

AT&T desperately wants to hold onto iPhone exclusivity

<img src="" />Of the 4.3 million iPhone subscribers that AT&T added to its books in 2008, about 40 percent of them were new custom

CrunchDeal: Verizon FiOS

It’s a pity that not everyone can get Verizon’s FiOS but for those in the service area, now might be a good time to look at the service. New customers can score either a free year of a HD

Verizon escapes economic hard times, thanks again to wireless

Verizon reported another strong quarter, with little thanks to the few remaining landline customers. Verizon Communications, the 51% parent to Verizon Wireless, says its second quarter earnings were u

Verizon FiOS cable tv coming to NYC: Can you see me now?

Look for Verizon to start infiltrating select NYC neighborhoods in the “coming weeks” while they deploy their fiber-optic network. The telco giant has received approval from the New York State Pub

Suburbs suffering, no broadband in sight

In the vast hinterlands known as the American suburbs a great evil has awoken. While those in the cities lie quiet in slumber, FiOS pumping out Usenet data at alarming rates, the poor victims lying qu

Cable companies still bickering over FiOS advertising

Comcast, Verizon, and Time Warner Cable are all sniping at each other, emphasizing the minor advantages their overpriced service has over the competitor’s overpriced service. They’re tradi

Verizon to bump FiOS speeds to 50 Mbps nationwide

If you happen to live in one of the lucky areas of the 16 states where Verizon has made FiOS available, you’ll be able to top your Internet connection out at 50 Mbps down, 20 Mbps up. Verizon says t

FiOS quite possibly maybe coming to New York at some point soon

Verizon released some b-roll of FiOS being prepared in New York with the promise that as soon as “city officials” approve of the service we’re going to get some sweet, sweet downstre

Verizon sues Time Warner over misleading anti-FiOS commercial: See it for yourself

Cable companies’ ads are typically woeful, but misleading? That’s unthinkable. Or is it? Not if you ask Verizon. And, please, do, they’d love to hear from you. Verizon filed suit tod

AT&T U-verse boxes may contain exploding batteries made by a company that doesn't exist anymore

Guess what? There are 17,000 outdoor U-verse boxes containing backup batteries made by Quebecois company Avestor, a company that no longer exists due to bankruptcy. Wait there’s more. These batt

Verizon to add hella on-demand HD content to FiOS service

If you live in a neighborhood serviced by Verizon’s FiOS, you should send them a fruitcake for Xmas. Or cookies. Or something, as FiOS is expected to have a library of over 1000 shows and movies

Verizon FiOS hits 50 megabits per second in some areas

I remember my first week of college way back in 1997 and the weird adrenaline rush I got the moment my brand new Pentium 166 (with MMX extensions) first connected to the school’s high speed netw

Verizon adds a metric ton of HD channels to FIOS

In just a little bit, we’re going to hear from Vince about his experiences with Time-Warner cable. Here in Seattle, we don’t have that as an option. I’m stuck with Comcast, for bette

FiOS: Not Just for 5 People Anymore

Om is quoting a study on Verizon FiOS in the wild and came away with a starling realization: fiber optics will probably tear cable Internet and TV a new poop hole. Although only a few places have FiOS

Verizon's FiOS TV 2.0 Begins Its Slow Rollout

Groundbreaking! Hey, John, I like FiOS . Nuts to your crazy, East Asian “technology,” OK? Now, thanks to Zatz, I can look (no touching!) at FiOS TV 2.0, what the kids will call IMG. The ja

The One Millionth Happy FiOS Customer, Up From 17 We at CrunchGear have been mean to FiOS because we’re dumb and don’t understand that fiber is the future. Just to rub it in, Veriz

Verizon Ready for Battle

Michael McKeehan, Verizon director of Internet and technology, declared today at FTTH that Verizon’s FiOS is ready for whatever bandwidths its competitors ramp up to. “If they offer 6Mbps,