AWS, Microsoft, Google and Oracle partner to make cloud spend more transparent

As enterprises move to the cloud, figuring out how and where they are spending their money has become increasingly difficult. The different SaaS provider and cloud platforms use their own definitions

Cast AI, which helps companies optimize cloud spend, lands $35M

The mass move to digital during the pandemic and the embrace of generative AI accelerated cloud adoption, and the trend hasn’t reversed. On the contrary, Gartner estimates that, in 2023,¬†global

Ternary, a cloud spend management startup, raises $12M

Ternary, a platform that helps companies manage how much they’re spending on cloud resources across multiple public cloud providers, today announced that it raised $12 million in a Series A fund

Exostellar raises $15M to help companies optimize their cloud spend

Public cloud services spending is projected to reach $1.1 trillion by 2026, up from $531.7 billion this year, according to IDC. But as the use of cloud services expands, organizations are having a tou

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Here are some best practice takeaways you can consider to help ensure your cloud transformation is successful across every metric

What do FinOps and parametric insurance have in common?

The rise of FinOps already fueled multiple acquisitions, including IBM's plan to acquire Apptio for a whopping $4.6 billion, but there's more to come.

The FinOps Foundation launches FOCUS, a new spec for sharing cloud cost data

The FinOps Foundation, a foundation under the auspices of the Linux Foundation, today announced the launch of FOCUS, the FinOps Open Cost and Usage Specification, a new project that aims to build and

Cast AI raises $20M to help companies reduce cloud spend

Cloud costs remain a top concern for organizations. According to a recent Anodot survey, 50% of businesses are struggling to control them, in part because they lack visibility into their cloud usage.

Beyond cost control: Where cloud management is going next

Having noticed tailwinds for B2B startups that offer cloud cost-optimization solutions, we were curious to know where VCs thought the space was headed.

3 guiding FinOps principles that will help you explain cloud costs to the board

By applying FinOps principles, companies can significantly improve their gross margins and chart a path toward profitability, as well as alleviate investor concerns around revenue metrics.