Penta, the digital SME banking upstart, appoints co-founder of solarisBank as new CEO

Hot on the heels of being acquired by company builder Finleap, German SME banking upstart Penta has appointed a new CEO. Marko Wenthin, who previously co-founded solarisBank (the banking-as-a-service

German fintech company builder Finleap acquires SME banking provider Penta

Just since months after raising $7 million in Series A funding, German SME banking provider Penta has been acquired by Finleap. Terms of the deal remain undisclosed, although I understand that the acq

German insurance startup Clark closes €13.2M Series A

When I spoke with Jan Beckers, chairperson of fintech company builder <a target="_blank" href="">FinLea

German fintech company builder FinLeap raises €21M at €121M valuation

TechCrunch understands from a source close to the transaction that FinLeap's latest round gives the company a post-money valuation of €121 million (based on a €100 million pre-money valuation).

FinLeap’s solarisBank to offer Banking-as-a-Platform so startups can ride fintech gravy train

This time the Berlin-based company builder (to use the preferred terminology) is investing and betting on the underlying regulatory and financial technology infrastructure -- the picks 'n' shovels, if

HitFox Hatches FinLeap, A New Startup Factory Targeting Fintech

Not content with incubating and acquiring startups in the adtech and Big Data space, HitFox Group, the Berlin-headquartered company builder, has hatched a second company builder. Dubbed FinLeap, the G