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MasterCard trials biometric bankcard with embedded fingerprint reader

MasterCard is trialling a Chip and PIN bankcard that includes an embedded fingerprint reader, introducing a biometric authentication layer for card payments -- and taking a leaf out of the book of App

5.9-inch HTC One Max With Fingerprint Sensor Allows You To Launch Apps With A Touch

HTC has revealed its latest smartphone, the 5.9-inch big-screen sibling of the HTC One flagship device. The new HTC One Max is well into phablet territory at nearly 6 inches, but retains the slick alu

Watch A Cat Unlock The iPhone 5s Using Touch ID And The Fingerprint Sensor

As you can see in the video above, Apple's new fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 5s isn't restricted to human users. Using a ready-to-hand pet cat, I tested the hypothesis that you could register the i

Fujitsu offers world's first waterproof cell phone with integrated fingerprint security system

<img src="" /> Fujitsu Japan has developed <a href="">the F-01A</a> [JP], the