Italy fines Amazon $1.3 billion for abusing its market position

Italy’s competition authority announced that it had fined Amazon €1.129 billion, or roughly $1.3 billion at today’s exchange rate. According to the antitrust watchdog, Amazon has abused its domi

Fae is a new open-source content management system based on Rails

FINE, a San Francisco- and Portland-based brand agency, is open sourcing the content management system (CMS) it has developed in-house to build sites for brands like Anchor Brewing, Kimpton Residences

Apple ordered to pay up to $14.5 billion for illegal tax benefits in Ireland

The bill is getting quite expensive as the European Commission has just released a statement saying that Apple has benefited from illegal tax benefits in Ireland for its European operations. The commi

Dwolla fined $100,000 for misrepresenting its data-security practices

Online payment processing startup Dwolla has been hit with a $100,000 penalty by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The CFPB, a government agency, said in a consent order that Dwolla mis

Morgan Stanley Fined $5M Over Facebook Research And Handling Of IPO By Massachusetts (UPDATED)

According to CNBC, Morgan Stanley has been fined $5M over its Facebook research practices. This is the second huge fine for Morgan Stanley, the first being over “noncompetitive trades” in