• Plug To Be Finally Pulled On Findory

    Personalized newspaper service Findory is finally closing, after remaining on life support since January when development ceased. Founder Greg Linden has now posted that the site will now be shut November 1. Linden took the opportunity to preach the gospel of personalized news, despite Findory’s failure: Some day, online newspapers will focus on your interests, building you your own… Read More

  • Findory Put On Life Support

    The last time we wrote about Findory was over a year ago. Ironically, it was to note that they had turned cash flow positive. Today, founder Greg Linden said he’s going to stop development of the site and put it on “autopilot.” Findory is a personalized newspaper. It looks at stuff you tend to like to read, and compares that to others’ tastes, and presents customized… Read More

  • Findory Hits Milestone

    Congratulations to Greg Linden, who reports that Findory is now cash flow positive. If you’d like to know more about Findory, my original profile, written on September 5, 2005, is here. Read More

  • Findory Adds Self-Evolving Feed Reader

    Findory has a first-class personalization engine for blog and other news (see our profile on September 3, 2005). Findory has built up a loyal following in the nearly two years since its launch. However, many users requested the ability to include RSS feeds of their choice directly into their blog and news channels. Greg and Alex just added this functionality, making Findory nearly perfect as… Read More

  • Findory is your Personalized Newspaper

    Company: Findory
    Launched: January 2004
    Location: Seattle, WA I’ve recently become interested in companies that exploit the actions and attention of users to provide personalized content recommendations. We wrote about Attensa’s efforts in this area earlier this week. Personal Bee is also taking a very creative crack at solving the problem (update on them soon). Findory, which… Read More