Founders Caterina Fake and Jyri Engeström make it official with a new venture fund, Yes VC

Caterina Fake and Jyri Engeström have much in common beyond the home and family they share. Each has started (and sold) companies. Each has angel invested. But both were beginning to see more opport

With Findery, Caterina Fake Wants To Create A Lasting Community Around Stories

When Caterina Fake and Stewart Butterfield founded Flickr in 2004, creating a community around photos was a huge challenge. "There were very few people on internet to begin with, and within that group

Pinwheel Changes Name To Findery Following Injunction

Location-based note-sharing app <a target="_blank" href="">Pinwheel</a> has changed its name to Findery, after the U.S. District Court of New York <a href="https://beta.techc