• Ebay Beats Forecasts On Strong Growth From Marketplaces, Q2 Revenue Up 23 Percent To $3.4B

    Ebay Beats Forecasts On Strong Growth From Marketplaces, Q2 Revenue Up 23 Percent To $3.4B

    eBay has just released its second quarter 2012 earnings report, in which the eCommerce giant outpaced expectations for yet another quarter. Revenue increased 23% to $3.4 billion, compared to the same period of 2011. Non-GAAP earnings came in at $0.56 per diluted share. Analysts expected earnings of $0.55 per share on revenue of $3.36 billion. Net income came in at $692 million for the… Read More

  • Samsung Posts Record Q4 Numbers, 35 Million Smartphones Sold

    Samsung Posts Record Q4 Numbers, 35 Million Smartphones Sold

    Samsung has today posted record quarterly profits after selling 35 million smartphones in the fourth quarter, up from 27.9 million in the previous quarter. Operating profits have soared to 5.2 trillion won (US $4.47 billion), representing a 73 percent year-over-year increase. Read More

  • Nintendo Sees Q3 Profit Diving 46%, But Keeps Forecast

    Sony is owning the web today with its powerful-looking PSP2 and the Playstation Suite cross-device platform for game distribution on Android devices. But what about Nintendo, which caused quite a splash itself with the 3DS announcement recently? Big N announced [PDF] its quarterly financials today, and things are looking OK at best. Read More

  • Sony likely returned to profitability in past quarter

    Financially speaking, Sony had to go through some rough patches in the last few years. But if The Nikkei, Japan’s largest business daily, is to be believed, things are beginning to look brighter. Sony is seen bouncing back in the April to June quarter of this year, with a a group operating profit of $115 million to $345 million in that time frame. Read More

  • Palm now worth nothing

    Woof. Analysts have placed a sell rating on Palm and are now valuing their stock, at least in hyperbolic terms, at $0. Quoth CNN: Shares of Palm (PALM) plunged 19% to $4.59 a share early Friday, a new 52-week low. Investors are becoming increasingly pessimistic about the company’s future and several analysts downgraded their positions on the stock to “sell.” Two analysts… Read More

  • First Sony, now Panasonic swings into black and raises outlook

    Sony isn’t the only electronics powerhouse reporting good news from the financial front these days. Today Panasonic, which, as you will remember, recently acquired Sanyo for $4.4 billion, announced it returned to profit in its fiscal third quarter (October to December 2009), too. The company’s profit nearly quadrupled to $1.1 billion, while revenue almost stayed the same at… Read More

  • Sony returns to black in last quarter, sees signs of hope for the future

    Sony hasn’t been able to report good news on the financial front for quite some time, but now it looks like things changed to the better. The company today said [“Sony Global Earnings Releases” in English] in Tokyo it returned to the black in the October-December quarter (Sony’s fiscal year ends March 31) with a handsome $1.6 billion operating profit. This is… Read More

  • Sad-Eyed TiVo of the Low Subscriber Rate

    And… it’s… outta here. TiVo is down to less than three million subscribers and they sold about 500 DVRs a day last quarter, giving it 8% of the 38 million US DVR market. That’s not much. TVByTheNumbers has the numbers. They’re down 314,000 subscribers to 2.76 million and lost 146,000 last quarter. Rough stuff. Read More

  • Sprint continues to lose money, customers

    It seems the Palm Pre is too little, too late for Sprint. According to Sprint’s Q2 financials for 2009, they’ve lost nearly $400 million dollars, and “total wireless customers declined by approximately 257,000.” It’s not all doom-and-gloom, though! Sprint can smile about “18 consecutive months of improvement in Customer Care Satisfaction and First Call… Read More

  • Has Nintendo ridden the success of the Wii, DS as far as possible?

    Has Nintendo finally exhausted all the momentum out of the Wii and DS? DeutcheBank seems to think so, which earlier today downgraded its rating of the Japanese super-happy-fun company to “sell.” The logic is pretty simple: odds are this is as good as it gets for Nintendo, so investors would do well to cash out now, and collect whatever profit it is they’ve accrued over the… Read More

  • Facebook's yearly revenue pales in comparison to Warcraft's monthly

    [photopress:wowfacebook.jpg,full,center] If we believe the numbers that came out yesterday showing that Facebook makes $150 million in total revenue, then we’ll have to question that $15B rating the site has earned. Analysts are now starting to realize what we’ve been saying for quite some time, that people on social networks aren’t there to buy stuff, but to screw around… Read More