Blockchain-based banking backend Vault OS from ex-Googler emerges from stealth mode

Despite holding the vast majority of the world's wealth (or perhaps because of that), banks aren't exactly hotbeds of cutting-edge tech, often relying on decades-old systems for everyday tasks. Though

Credit Karma Rolls Out Free Weekly Credit Reports (Yes Really)

Online credit monitoring startup <a target="_blank" href="">Credit Karma</a> is rolling out free credit reports. And no, it's not a scam. Over the years, consumers have

Hong Kong-Based Financial Startup WeLab Raises $14M Series A From Sequoia And TOM Group

<a target="_blank" href="">WeLab</a>, the startup that runs WeLend, Hong Kong's first peer-to-peer lending site, has raised a $14 million Series A from TOM Group and Sequoia Ca

Now Out Of Beta, Tykoon Teaches Kids (And Parents) About Managing Finances

NYC-based financial services startup for families, <a href="">Tykoon</a>, is exiting its private beta and is launching its first mobile app for iPhone. The company, which aims to

BodeTree Is A Financial Tool For People Who Hate Finance

Today, a company called <a href="">BodeTree</a> is launching a new web-based solution to help small business owners make better sense of their financial data. Like another ne

ReadyForZero Helps Users Pay Off $12.5M In Debt; Now Launching Offers Platform

<a href="">ReadyForZero</a>, an online financial service (and YC alum) focused on addressing a real need - getting people out of debt faster - appears to be working. The co

Tesla Reports Q2 Financials (updated)

<img src="" />Tesla has released the details of their 2010 Q2 financial performance, and it looks like things are coming up roses

PC sales data shows growth across the board, Asus surging

<img src="" />The second quarter PC shipment data from IDC has hit, and it makes for interesting reading. First of all, sales are u

"Missing" non-AT&T iPhones cost Apple $300+ million

I’m a little skeptical regarding these numbers but some fancy-pants financial types are estimating a $300-$500 million loss in revenue due to unlocked, non-AT&T iPhone sales. This presumes t

Some guy says Apple will launch ultra-portable then makes stuff up about about Android

Artist’s rendering I love financial analysts. They get “super-secret” news from “super-secret” sources — mostly the same sources we all have — and tell people

New iMacs "Likely" To Boost Apple Profits

Duh. New iMacs Likely To Boost Apple [Seeking Alpha]