final fantasy xi

  • Nice try: Guild spends 18 hours trying to kill boss in Final Fantasy XI

    A guild in Final Fantasy XI spent 18 hours trying to kill a boss; the boss is still alive! The guild, Beyond the Limitation, did all the legwork, all the preparation in order to kill the boss Pandemonium Warden, considered the toughest boss in the game. Eighteen hours later, the guild gave up and cried just a little bit. Why, exactly, did the guild give up? People were passing out and… Read More

  • Trouble cancelling your MMO account? Have a law passed, duh

    Long story short: some kid got tired of playing Final Fantasy XI, and tried to cancel his account. His parents couldn’t cancel from the game’s Web site, and had to—gasp!—call the number found on the credit card statement. The kid’s dad is a bigwig in his state (Illinois), who got his legislator friend to help pass a law stating that online service providers… Read More