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What Apple’s education announcements mean for accessibility

Steven Aquino Contributor Share on X Steven Aquino is a freelance tech writer and iOS accessibility expert. More posts by this contributor MrBeast’s blindness video puts systemic ableism on disp

Apple offers a $199 app bundle for education with Final Cut and Logic

While any Mac user can play with GarageBand and iMovie for free, it has been quite expensive if you wanted to move to pro apps — especially if you’re a student. Apple released a new app bundle wit

Apple Releases Final Cut Pro X, $299 In App Store

Videographers take note: $299 will now get you one of the most powerful video editing suites in the whole wide world. Final Cut Pro X includes a new magnetic timeline, content auto-analysis, improved

Another Apple rumor: Freaky Blu-ray multi-HDD enclosure

Apple has, I think rightly, stayed mostly out of the Blu-ray/HD DVD fiasco. They have an online distribution system that works, and they don’t think people want to watch hi-def movies on their M

Rumor: Red's Redcode coming to Final Cut Studio as native at Macworld

Part of Macworld next month will be a thing called the Final Cut Pro group, just for you video guys. And we’ve been tracking rumors that there will be a special surprise on the 16th. We’ve

Final Cut Studio 2 Unveiled

Video professionals rejoiced — rejoiced, we tell you — on Sunday as Apple unveiled Final Cut Studio 2. Due out in May, this behemoth of a package comes with all the necessary tools to, ah,