Final Cut Pro

  • Conan Wastes No Time Lampooning "Final Cut Pro Ex"

    Despite being the resident Apple fanboy, I’m not going to try to defend the new Final Cut Pro X. I simply don’t use Final Cut enough to know how good or bad it is compared to the old version. But I will say this, the backlash is very predictable. Apple completely changed a very popular piece of software — rewriting it from the ground up. People hate change. Revolt. Some… Read More

  • Final Cut Pro X Or Really iMovie Pro?

    Final Cut Pro X Or Really iMovie Pro?

    Apple introduced Final Cut Pro X earlier this week with the tag line “Everything just changed in post.” I guess it depends on what you mean by the word ‘changed’. Apple said they showed the pre-release version to professional editors and their jaws dropped. One Academy Award-winning editor said he was “blown away” by the modern and fast software that… Read More

  • Apple Releases Final Cut Pro X, $299 In App Store

    Videographers take note: $299 will now get you one of the most powerful video editing suites in the whole wide world. Final Cut Pro X includes a new magnetic timeline, content auto-analysis, improved import features, and background rendering. What is this Magnetic Timeline you ask? At the heart of Final Cut Pro X is the Magnetic Timeline, a trackless approach to editing your footage that lets… Read More

  • New Final Cut Pro Is Real, And It's Spectacular (And It's Expected Spring 2011)

    Because it seems like it’s Apple rumor day I’d thought I’d throw my (very small) hat in the ring. More than a year has passed since Final Cut Pro’s last release and we’ve seen two reported Steve Jobs emails talking up a product that many thought Apple had given up on (“Stay tuned and buckle up.” and “Next release will be awesome.”) but… Read More

  • Rumormongering: Is Apple dumping Final Cut Pro, other pro apps?

    [photopress:finalcutexpress.jpg,full,center] Who loves Apple rumors? You love Apple rumors! And this one’s a big-un. There’s some speculation around certain unnamed video pro forums that Apple is dumping its pro apps, like Final Cut Pro and Aperture, to focus more on the consumer market. This is hardly surprising. But now the rumors saying that the deal is done, and that Apple has… Read More