• Massive Layoffs Coming To MySpace – 25% Or More May Be Cut

    MySpace is about to have a major wave of layoffs, according to multiple sources close to the company. One source describes the number of people affected as “massive”, while another source says that the layoffs will likely affect between 300 and 500 employees. It’s unclear if these numbers apply to MySpace alone or its parent company Fox Interactive Media, but MySpace makes… Read More

  • News Corp Consolidates All Fox Interactive Employees Into New Facility

    Fox Interactive Media, the News Corp subsidiary that controls most of its online assets, has signed a 12 year lease agreement for a new facility in Playa Vista. All FIM companies in Southern California will move to the new facility starting in June of 2009. For those wondering about FIM and MySpace’s future growth, this move should settle speculation. The site will house over 300,000… Read More

  • Fox Interactive Acquires Ad Optimization Company

    Fox Interactive Media announced this morning that it has acquired the thrillingly named Strategic Data Corporation (Google cache of site). SDC offers ad optimization technology that it claims helps clients “typically see network-wide revenue increases of 50-150%.” Fox Interactive spans a large number of sites from to but is dominated by MySpace. … Read More

  • Fox Interactive Media President Ross Levinsohn to be Replaced by Peter Levinsohn

    Fox announced tonight that Fox Interactive Media President Ross Levinsohn will be replaced effective November 27th. Peter Levinsohn, who is Ross Levinsohn’s cousin, has served as President of Digital Media for the Fox Entertainment Group. Ross launched Fox Interactive Media in July of last year, nearly simultaneously with the Fox acquisition of Intermix, MySpace’s parent company. … Read More

  • Fox Interactive Launches Desktop/Website Widget Platform

    Fox Interactive Media will announce a new widget platform called SpringWidgets on Monday morning at the Widgets Live Conference in San Francisco. It is a unique offering in the increasingly complicated widget space, although the desktop portion of it only works on the Windows platform. Widget platforms today work on websites (see Google Gadgets and WidgetBox) or the desktop (see Yahoo Widgets). Read More

  • Fox to Debut Sinking TV Episodes on MySpace

    Fox Interactive announced this morning that the first and second episodes of Warner Bros. Television’s THE O.C. this season will be available on MySpace and Fox affiliate sites as much as a week before they show on TV. A week after TV broadcast the shows will be taken back offline. Just like the last batch of shows that Fox said would be available on MySpace earlier this month, a… Read More