• Adding Photo Filters Doesn’t Mean That Twitter Will Cancel Out Instagram

    Adding Photo Filters Doesn’t Mean That Twitter Will Cancel Out Instagram

    Nick Bilton of the New York Times is reporting that Twitter is working on adding filters for photos to its product. This is clearly an attempt to add to its current capability to upload photos. At first blush, you will think that this is purely a defensive move against Facebook and Instagram. While that might be partially true, adding filters to photos does not cancel out Instagram whatsoever. Read More

  • Feel free to drink your shower water, kids

    Normally, you probably wouldn’t consider drinking your own shower water after you had used it, but throw a couple of plants in there and you may well reconsider. Or, perhaps you’ll react like the Drudge-ushered Daily Mail commenters and say stuff like “WHAT IS THIS GARBAGE, I EARN THE RIGHT TO WASTE WATER AND I’LL BE DAMNED IF SOME EGGHEAD SCIENTIST SAYS OTHERWISE.” Read More

  • GoW 2 to include kiddie filter

    Concerned parents who are worried that a game entitled Gears of War 2 may include some violence and swearing will be able to turn on a filter which will substitute blood with sparks and remove cursing. They will also replace the lead characters with fluffy puppies and change the entire game concept to focus on helping others and eating your whole lunch no matter what the other kids are doing. Read More

  • T-Mobile officially adds text message blocking

    As a reaction to the growing problem of text spam, T-Mobile has added phone number-level blocking to its My T-Mobile service. The service allows you to add filters to incoming messages and prevent certain numbers from sending SMSes or emailing your @tmomail address. How do I block text messages from an unwanted number to my T-Mobile address? NOTE: Filters allow customers to manage the delivery… Read More

  • Gmail vulnerability porks your inbox

    Looks like everyone with a Gmail account has something new to worry about. The unreleased, proof of concept vulnerability discovered by some security specialist can set filters on your inbox to block and/or automatically forward any email you receive. Weak. Although the threat is labeled as serious at the moment, don’t worry. Google patches up vital holes pretty efficiently and there are… Read More