Kano’s latest gadget: a build-it-yourself camera for custom photo filters and GIFs

After raising $28 million last November to add more firepower to its growth, Kano is unveiling the newest addition to its range of build-it-yourself gadgets that you use to learn to code: a camera. Lo

Snapchat’s newest filters can recognize what’s in your photos

Snapchat is rolling out new filters that can recognize what’s in your photos in order to suggest graphics, like borders or stickers, to accompany your posts. These filters today are capable of r

Snapchat’s new Filters can transform the sky above your head

Snapchat’s latest augmented reality feature is another implementation of the tech that applies to the world, rather than the faces found in frame when you take a picture. They’re called &#

Tumblr brings photo filters and stickers to its iOS, iMessage and Android apps

Tumblr today is launching two new tools for creative expression, stickers and filters, which could become another revenue stream for the Yahoo-owned company, if it chooses to go in that direction in t

AOL’s Kanvas launches an SDK: now any app can use its photo and video effects

The rise of apps like Instagram and Snapchat has put photo effects front and center in the world of picture messaging, giving users not only the ability to send images to each other, but to persona

Gadget Story Time with Spectacles

Spectacles by Snap are a lot of fun! Join us as we put them through their paces, try them out, talk to people on the street and just have a really great day. I would tell you more, but I don't want to

The Waterologies Solardistech is a solar water treatment plant for tiny towns

Water treatment is a massively pressing issue. Hundreds of thousands of people die each ear from lack of clean water and a small, portable filtration system could have saved them. That’s what Wa

Facebook acquires video filter app Msqrd to square up to Snapchat

Snapchat bought Looksery to supercharge its animated selfie filters, and now Facebook has made an image filtering acquisition of its own to keep up the messaging pace. Today, the company confirmed tha

If You’ve Named Your Baby After An Instagram Filter, You’re Not Alone

A site that says that they know lots about babies called (great name for a baby site) shared their top ten names of 2015 for both male and female little-ins. Some of the names are what

Aviary Turns Photo Filters And Stickers Into Ads, Partners With GapKids To Promote Diane Von Furstenberg Collection

Today, photo editing platform Aviary is unleashing the creative ad platform that it soft-launched last week with GapKids. Coinciding with a wider campaign for Diane von Furstenberg’s collection

Aviary CEO Says Its Company Goal Is To “Democratize Creativity,” And It’s Clearly Working

It’s been launch city for a few big companies and new startups this week. Who’s had the very best week, possibly? That would be Aviary, a company that started out with a direct-to-consumer

Adding Photo Filters Doesn’t Mean That Twitter Will Cancel Out Instagram

Nick Bilton of the New York Times is <a target="_blank" href="">reporting that Twitter is workin

Feel free to drink your shower water, kids

<img src="" />Normally, you probably wouldn't consider drinking your own shower water after you had used it, but throw a couple of p

GoW 2 to include kiddie filter

Concerned parents who are worried that a game entitled Gears of War 2 may include some violence and swearing will be able to turn on a filter which will substitute blood with sparks and remove cursing

T-Mobile officially adds text message blocking

As a reaction to the growing problem of text spam, T-Mobile has added phone number-level blocking to its My T-Mobile service. The service allows you to add filters to incoming messages and prevent cer

Gmail vulnerability porks your inbox

Looks like everyone with a Gmail account has something new to worry about. The unreleased, proof of concept vulnerability discovered by some security specialist can set filters on your inbox to block