Following lawsuits, Snapchat pulls its controversial speed filter

Lately, Snapchat’s 3D Cartoon lens has been all the buzz, making all of our friends look like Pixar characters. But since 2013, a staple filter on the ephemeral photo-sharing app has been the sp

Foursquare Introduces ‘Super-Specific’ Search And Filter Options For iOS And Android To Help You Find New Venues

As <a href="">Foursquare evolves</a>, it wants to help you find either new places to che

Rock Star On The Outside…Gadget Junkie On The Inside: An Interview With Richard Patrick From FILTER (NSFW Language)

Late at night, in the bowels of the Austin Music Hall, toward the end of the SXSW Music Festival 2011, I sat in a small nondescript room with Richard Patrick, the lead singer and leader of the rock ba

Sanyo promises 4,000 hours of maintenance-free use for new projector

<img src="" /> Sanyo Japan <a href="">announced</a> [press release in English] the LP-W

Cute bokeh filter for cute bokeh

<img src="" />Awww, how sweet. You know that fuzzy effect that everyone loves where you have a figure in focus in the foreground a

China scales down controversial web filtering plans

<img src="" /> (Relatively) good news from China for the World Wide Web as a whole today: The government <a href="http://news.xinhuane

Fill your house with Plant Breath using these filters

Unsatisfied with current air filtration methods, French designer Mathieu Lehanneur has created this excellent little thing that would look at home in Sleeper or The Jetsons. It’s called the &#82

Clear2O Water Pitcher: Drinking Redefined

About a month ago, I received an e-mail from a PR guy asking me if I’d like to try the Clear2O Water Pitcher, a Brita-style water filter for your fridge. Having just moved into a new apartment s