• FilmLoop Betrayed By Investors?

    When I added FilmLoop to the TechCrunch DeadPool last month based on rumors of mass layoffs, it was clear there was more to the story. The thirty person company had raised $11.5 million in capital and by any calculation should have still had at least $3 – $5 million left in the bank. They were trailing Slide, RockYou and Photobucket in their market, but had just launched a completely… Read More

  • FilmLoop Dips Toes Into The DeadPool

    Palo Alto-based FilmLoop has reportedly layed off most of its staff of 30 employees after attempts to sell the company failed. This comes just eight months after they raised $7 million in venture capital from ComVentures. Co-founder Prescott Lee and a handful of core technical staff remain. FilmLoop’s service allows users to create photo slide shows and view them via a desktop application… Read More

  • FilmLoop 2.0 Coming This Month, Improvements Mixed

    When photo slide show sharing service FilmLoop launched one year ago, Michael Arrington said it was going to be a winner. One year later the company will launch a new version this month that lets users add text, picture-in-picture and graphic “tattoos”. Filmloop began as a desktop application only, but last month added the ability to embed image slide shows in web pages and… Read More

  • FilmLoop Demo Video

    FilmLoop (profile) has a 6 minute video of the founders demo’ing their product on the DEMO website. It looks pretty slick. And a lot like Slide. Read More

  • FilmLoop!

    Company: FilmLoop
    Launched: Private Alpha
    Location: Palo Alto FilmLoop is a winner. You can quote me on that. There are obvious similarities with Slide, but FilmLoop is different. As noted by Dave Winer this morning (he told me yesterday something cool was launching today), FilmLoop took another step clser to launching, replacing a nondescript “sign up here” page with a full… Read More