FilmLoop Betrayed By Investors?

When I added FilmLoop to the TechCrunch DeadPool last month based on rumors of mass layoffs, it was clear there was more to the story. The thirty person company had raised $11.5 million in capital and

FilmLoop Dips Toes Into The DeadPool

Palo Alto-based FilmLoop has reportedly layed off most of its staff of 30 employees after attempts to sell the company failed. This comes just eight months after they raised $7 million in venture capi

FilmLoop 2.0 Coming This Month, Improvements Mixed

When photo slide show sharing service FilmLoop launched one year ago, Michael Arrington said it was going to be a winner. One year later the company will launch a new version this month that lets user

FilmLoop Demo Video

FilmLoop (profile) has a 6 minute video of the founders demo’ing their product on the DEMO website. It looks pretty slick. And a lot like Slide.


Company: FilmLoop Launched: Private Alpha Location: Palo Alto FilmLoop is a winner. You can quote me on that. There are obvious similarities with Slide, but FilmLoop is different. As noted by Dave Win