Apple subsidiary FileMaker Inc. changes its name (back) to Claris

Remember Claris, the 1987 Apple spin-off that made applications like MacWrite, MacPaint and FileMaker? In 1998, Apple brought all of those products in-house again, with the exception of the low-code a

FileMaker 17 launches with a renewed focus on the basics

FileMaker, the wholly owned Apple subsidiary, today launched version 17 of its low-code development platform, following the company’s standard annual release cadence. With today’s release,

FileMaker 16 launches with improved tools for more advanced developers

FileMaker is all about allowing non-developers to create line-of-business apps for Mac, Windows, iOS and the web. Increasingly, though, over the course of its last few releases, it also started to add

FileMaker 15 launches with support for Apple’s latest hardware features

FileMaker, a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple, makes it easy for those without any programming knowledge as well as experienced programmers to build line-of-business apps for the iPhone, iPad, Window

FileMaker Go For iPad And iPhone Tops 500K Downloads, Points To The Future Of Custom iOS Business Solutions

Apple subsidiary FileMaker is an unusual, often overlooked part of the Mac maker's empire, one that has been around almost as long as Apple Computer itself. The database management software hasn't bee