On one hand, there are factors that could help boost the adoption of decentralized storage. On the other, it also seems at odds with other trends, such as sovereign clouds.

Decentralized storage: Tailwinds and open questions

ICOs are becoming funds

11:00 am PDT • June 19, 2018

What does a startup do with $48 million? $130 million? $1.7 billion? This question – one integral in the whole ICO craze – hasn’t quite been answered yet but it’s…

ICOs are becoming funds

Venture capitalists are in a pickle. Companies have raised more than $1.7 billion through initial coin offerings, or ICOs, this year by selling their own customized virtual currencies. For the…

Some VCs want to jump into ICOs, but a host of challenges remain

Filecoin, the much-anticipated cryptocurrency that will eventually power a distributed file storage system, is opening its ICO today at 12pm PT / 3pm ET today. Last week Filecoin concluded a…

Filecoin’s ICO opens today for accredited investors after raising $52M from advisers