Strooder Turns Cheap Plastic Pellets Into 3D Printer Filament

The Strooder is a plastic repurposing machine designed to gobble plastic pellets and spit them back out as filament for use in a 3D printer. It follows in the Filabot's footsteps but squeezes its pric

New Food Grade Filament Heralds An Era Of 3D-Printed Sporks

Huzzah! A <a target="_blank" href="">group in Germany</a> has created a new food-grade polypropylene filament for 3D printers that is food safe and was

Charity Targets 3D Printing’s Plastic Waste Problem With Standards For An Ethical Alternative

U.K. charity techfortrade reckons there's room to connect up the growing demand for 3D printing, with the surfeit of waste plastic in developing countries. It's developing a standard for ethical filam