• USB-powered mini Yoda figure

    Tokyo-based Cube Works, whose products regularly find their way outside Japan (example: the humping USB dog), has announced a mini Yoda figure (the little green guy from Star Wars) that you connect to your computer’s USB port. The power is needed to make Yoda’s cheeks blush and illuminate his light saber. Read More

  • USB-powered Alien figure with illuminated tongue

    The Japanese madness for all things USB continues. Today I can give you an Alien figure that you can connect to your computer’s USB port. It then sticks out its nasty tongue at random times, backlit by a spooky red LED. Apart from that, the thing isn’t good for much else Read More

  • Tokyo's Gundam statue is history, but you can now buy a 1/60 replica

    The giant Gundam statue that has been protecting Tokyo for a couple of months is gone, but now you have the chance to bring back memories in the form of a smaller version you can put in your living room. The original 1/1 statue stood 20m tall, while the replika [JP] is 1/60th of that size (30cm) and weighs 4kg. Read More

  • Japan gets exclusive Iron Man Blu-ray+figure box

    Iron Man wasn’t as successful here in Japan as in the USA but that didn’t stop Sony Pictures to produce a Nippon-only Blu-ray box of the movie that includes an exclusive figure of the super hero. Gaijin can get the set via stores such as Amazon Japan or CD Japan (where it’s not yet listed though). Read More