Figma sweetens FigJam whiteboard tool with new AI features

While Figma waits to hear whether regulators will allow Adobe to complete its $20 billion acquisition, the startup is not sitting idly by. Today, Figma announced it was adding three generative AI feat

More than a year later, the $20B Adobe-Figma deal is still stuck in regulatory limbo

More than a year after Adobe announced it was acquiring Figma for $20 billion, the deal remains stuck in regulatory limbo.

Meet Relume, the bootstrapped AI web builder that wants to supercharge Figma and Webflow

Despite the abundant venture capital available for startups in the current wave of generative AI breakthroughs, totaling $14 billion in equity funding as of August this year, Relume has turned down in

Europe confirms in-depth probe for Adobe’s $20B Figma acquisition

The European Commission (EC) has confirmed that it’s opening an in-depth investigation into Adobe’s proposed $20 billion bid for digital design software rival Figma. The Commission said th

UK readies in-depth investigation into Adobe’s $20B Figma acquisition

The U.K.’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has provisionally concluded that Adobe’s proposed $20 billion bid for digital design rival Figma could result in a “substantial lesseni

Designers hated Figma’s collaborative design tool at first, but grew to love it

Back in 2012 when Dylan Field was a student at Brown University, he came up with the idea of building a browser-based design tool. At the time, design tools were all on the desktop, which meant that d

What happens if regulators nix the $20B Adobe-Figma deal?

With regulators looking closely, it’s not a stretch to wonder if the deal will ever happen. But if it does, would the deal be a net-positive for Figma?

Adobe’s $20B Figma acquisition falls on UK antitrust radar

The U.K.’s competition authority is adding Adobe’s proposed $20 billion bid for digital design rival Figma to its ever-growing to-do list. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) confi

Of course the Adobe-Figma deal is anti-competitive

If the Adobe-Figma deal isn't anti-competitive, then what is?

DOJ suit could represent significant stumbling block for $20B Adobe-Figma deal

The DOJ is reportedly getting ready to file suit to block the $20 billion Adobe-Figma deal announced last year on the grounds it is anti-competitive. Bloomberg first reported the story yesterday after

Europe to ‘assess’ Adobe’s proposed $20B Figma acquisition on competition grounds

Adobe’s proposed plan to snap up digital design rival Figma for $20 billion has attracted the attentions of the European Commission (EC), which announced today that the proposed merger potential

Penpot, the open source platform for designers and their coders, draws up $12M as users jump to 250K

Open source projects continue to stand out as compelling alternatives to proprietary software for those who are looking for more flexibility or price leverage in the tools that they use to work. Today

SEC filing shows Adobe had interest in buying Figma as early as 2020

A document recently filed with the SEC provides a detailed timeline of the negotiations between Adobe and Figma that paints a picture of how the two companies came together on a $20 billion deal last

Why did Wall Street favor Adobe’s quarter over Salesforce’s?

While Adobe and Salesforce had similar results, Wall Street seemed to treat the former better.

Apple’s Freeform aims to be a collaborative whiteboard for everyone

Apple announced its so-called Figma Whiteboard competitor called Freeform at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in June. The company hasn’t rolled out the idea board app to everyone yet,

Pacdora wants to be a ‘Canva + Figma’ for the $1 trillion packaging industry

I love meeting startups that are making a tangible impact on the factory floor. While Shein applies a data-driven approach to improve efficiency for clothing manufacturing, Pacdora is doing something

Figma CEO Dylan Field on why he sold to Adobe

A month after Adobe announced its plans for acquiring Figma, the popular digital design startup, Figma CEO and co-founder Dylan Field sat down with our own enterprise reporter Ron Miller at Disrupt 20

Penpot inks $8M as signups for its open source spin on Figma jump 5600% after Adobe’s $20B acquisition move

Adobe’s intention to acquire Figma for $20 billion, announced mid-September, sent shockwaves through the design industry, and not all of them positive. On a business level, it’s a no-brain

Designers underwhelmed by Adobe-Figma deal

For now, it seems as though designers will stick with Figma for lack of a reasonable alternative, which is something that Adobe and Figma can build on.

Adobe makes $20B bet on a collaborative future with Figma acquisition

The first rule of the $20 Billion Acquisition Club: Don't mess up a good thing.
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