Illuminate, Incapacitate Your Enemies For Under $30

Not only does the Dragon Fire 650,000 Volt Rechargeable Stun Gun instantly turn a would-be mugger into a whimpering puddle of burning pee, but it also has a built in LED flashlight! I might pick one o

WoW Sparks Family Dispute – Watch more free videos If you’re planning on having children some day then I highly suggest you listen to this audio track. I

Next King of Fighters Arcade Screens Leaked

Mmmm I’m not sure how I feel about another 3D King of Fighters, but I’ll let SNK slide this time around. This new incarnation of the hit 2D-fighting game will be heading to arcades sometim

Vonage, Safe for Now, Needs Your Help

Har dee har har It is rare for us to be nice to astroturfing efforts by major corporations, but as a happy Vonage user for a number of years, I’ll bite. Vonage was just granted a stay just as th

The iPod Made Me Do It

A 60-year-old teacher from Germantown, Penn., is in intensive care right now after two students broke his neck in retaliation for confiscating an iPod in class. Fortunately, the teacher wasn’t p