SHOWTIME Boxing Steps Into The Virtual Reality Ring

These VR moments are really picking up steam, with sports leading the way. It seems like everyone and their uncle are racing to shoot 360 degree immersive video to show off virtual reality as a viable

Anti-Virus Vendors: Fight! AV Software Maker Sues Rival For Forcing Software Uninstalls

<img src=""> This is kind of goofy but interesting. A company called Kingsoft sued a company called 360 WebShield fo

The Three PC Features I Want On My Next Mac

This is a counterpoint to The Three Mac Features I Want On My Next PC PCs suck. They’re underpriced, underpowered, and nothing more than disgusting commodity hardware stuck into a box with no re

Epic Duel: Anakin vs. Obi-Wan

I know you can watch the video of the fight, but I thought I’d include the photos as well. These guys were really, really good and I could have sworn that the character actor playing Anakin was

Celebrity Death Match: Nokia vs Qualcomm

Fight! Nokia has asked the US International Trade Commission to deny entry of Qualcomm chipsets while the two are fighting it out in court over five patents that Qualcomm is supposedly infringing upon