• FIFA and EA announce the first eWorld Cup

    FIFA and EA announce the first eWorld Cup

    Esports are showing no sign of slowing down, as the segment continues to grow. Today, EA and FIFA announced their intentions to replicate one of the world’s greatest athletic events in the world of gaming, introducing FIFA eWorld Cup 2018. From November 2017 to July 2018, there will be a series of qualifying tournaments where players can compete for their spot in the tournament. There… Read More

  • Player’s Lounge Hosts Live Video Game Competitions At Your Favorite Bar

    Player’s Lounge Hosts Live Video Game Competitions At Your Favorite Bar

    While FIFA tournaments have always been a popular ad-hoc activity among gaming communities, a new startup is hoping to add a social component and turn these tournaments into an actual business. Founded in New York City, Player’s Lounge (which won June 2nd’s TC Radio Pitch-Off) is a social gaming platform that hosts in-person video game leagues at bars across NYC. The… Read More

  • ‘Air Conditioned’ 2022 World Cup In Jeopardy As Players' Union Calls For Winter Tournament

    We’re still a hot 11+ years away from the 2022 Fifa World Cup, but the parade of moaning continues. The latest bit of gossip suggests that the tournament could be played during the wintertime in order to combat the extreme temperatures usually present in Qatar during the summertime. So much for developing a new stadium cooling technology that could then be exported to other countries! Read More

  • Will Japan Get To Host The First ‘Next-Generation’ (And 3D!) World Cup in 2022?

    Fifa’s bigwigs are currently in Zurich listening to numerous bids to host the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. A sort of, “Please bring the World Cup to My Country because we have lots of stadiums and hotel rooms and we think Fifa is really awesome.” It’s truly the height of tedium. (The number of articles I’ve read over the past few weeks, particularly in British… Read More

  • EA Sports To Be ‘Official Video Game Partner’ Of Vancouver Whitecaps MLS Team

    Unfortunately, I’ve exhausted all of my Clásico references in that Windows Phone 7 post. How much sense would it make to use all of the references all over again? I mean, this time I could link to El País’s match report (“goals rain down in the Camp Nou like leaves in the autumn, in a natural manner, with a just rhythm, with a beautiful and serene shape, a sign of health… Read More

  • Soccer Governing Body To Hear From Goal-line Technology Providers Today, Will Make Final Decision In March

    Who can forget the acrimony, not to mention the utter embarrassment, that followed Frank Lampard’s disallowed goal (better video here) during the England-Germany Round of 16 World Cup match? The ball was clearly over the line, but for the nearsightedness of the officials on the pitch. Not that it would have mattered—Germany well and truly beat up ol’ England—but the… Read More

  • Theoretical Pro Evolution Soccer, FIFA Demo Showdown

    The European soccer season is well under way, and that could mean only one thing: the new FIFA and PES games are right around the corner! I’m a PES man myself, but I’m more than willing to give the new FIFA a try. And why not? Both EA and Konami have released demos of both games today. Here’s what you can expect. Read More

  • Remembering the 2010 Fifa World Cup

    Spain now have a star on their shirt. I’m not exaggerating when I say that my limbs were numb and my mouth was dry during yesterday’s World Cup final. I was truly a hot mess. Moving on… It’s now time for all publications to run their World Cup retrospectives, and since we barely qualify as a publication it’s time for ours. Well, mine; nobody else on staff could name… Read More

  • Nasa, with nothing better to do anymore, chimes in on the Jabulani debate

    And now Nasa hates the Jabulani. Wonderful. I suppose Nasa has nothing better to do now that it has less money than your little sister has in her piggy bank. The former space agency says that the ball becomes “unpredictable” at speeds greater than 44 mph, and that the high altitude that many of the games were played only exacerbates the problem. Read More