MySpace Outsources International Advertising Operations To Fox International Channels

<img src="" width="215" height="55" /><a href="">MySpace</a> has teamed up with <a href="

VIA NanoBook UMD: Big PDA or Tiny Laptop?

At first I thought this lady just had a big ol’ pair of man hands, but turns out the VIA NanoBook UMD only measures 1.2×6.7×9 inches. The 1.87-pound notebook is a reference design manu

OpenMoko's Open-Source Mobile Platform

Sean Moss-Pultz is trying to change the mobile phone/device industry this year. He wants consumers to care about what operating system is on their phone as much as they care about what’s on thei

FIC Linux Cellphone

The linux cellphone is creeping ever closer. FIC is planning on building a touchscreen GSM cellie with an “iPod-quality” MP3 player and files sharing. It will use all open source software