Gift Guide: Gifts that weave together tech, science and textile crafts

The history of textiles and computing are closely intertwined, with the punch cards used for Jacquard looms inspiring the design of Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine, one of the earliest computers

Brand new fiber link from Alaska to lower 48 will carry 100 terabits over the Yukon

Alaska is disconnected from the rest of the U.S. in a lot of ways — that's kind of the point of Alaska. But giving residents the choice to participate in the modern online world is important for the

UK sets out plan to spend billions on fiber and 5G broadband for all

The UK government has set out a package of measures it’s hoping will futureproof domestic networks and boost international competitiveness by supporting a nationwide rollout of full fiber broadb

New York City sues Verizon for not completing citywide fiber network

New York City has slapped Verizon with a lawsuit that claims the telecommunications conglomerate broke a 2008 contract to provide citywide fiber coverage, depriving residents of competitively priced o

Crunch Report | GoPro Cuts 15% of Workforce

Hanging out with former TechCrunch writer and current editor in chief at Mattermark, Mr. Alex Wilhelm, GoPro cuts 15% of its workforce, Amazon can move your data by the truckload and now you can downl

Markforged announces a cheaper 3D printer that can spit out end-use parts

In a surprising move, 3D printer maker Markforged has announced they are going to release the $3,499 Onyx One, a Carbon Fiber 3D printer for entry-level makers and hobbyists that prints “end-use

Oklahoma City, Jacksonville And Tampa Invited To Explore Google Fiber

Forget that Google Fiber went down in Kansas City during the World Series last night, the service is speedy as all hell. Today, the Fiber team announced the exploration of 3 new locations: Oklahoma Ci

Researchers Create 3D Printed Medical Gear Tailored To Babies

Most medical hardware is stock – you go to the closet and pick out a catheter or implant and just stick it in. But what about situations where you need a teeny tiny connector for a premature bab

Google Fiber Is Headed To San Antonio

While this news isn't exactly exciting for me just yet, being in San Francisco, Google has announced its next expansion city for Fiber...San Antonio. This is the first announcement since the end of Ja

Larry Page: Google’s Focus On Constant Iteration Will Shift Toward Big Bets Like Google Fiber And Glass

During today’s Google Q1 2013 earnings call, CEO Larry Page gave us a rundown on exactly what the company has been up to in this quarter, as well as some insight into how he’s currently ru

Google Makes Its Austin Fiber Plans Official: Texas City Will Be Connected By Mid-2014

Google has finally <a target="_blank" href="">made it official</a>: <a target="_blank" href="

NYC Invests $12M To Provide Free Fiber Build-Out To 240 Startups

The city of New York has just launched the <a target="_blank" href="">ConnectNYC Fiber Challenge</a> to help small NY-based companies get a free high speed fiber build-out

180 Out Of 202 Kansas City ‘Fiberhoods’ Reach Their Google Fiber Pre-Registration Goals

Two weeks ago, things <a href="">didn't look so great</a> for

Google Licenses Rovi’s Program Guide Patents For Its New Fiber TV Service

One of the main surprises of Google's <a href="">Fibe

Google Fiber: 20% Of Kansas City, MO Neighborhoods Have Already Met Their Sign-Up Goals

That was fast. Just a few days ago, Google officially opened registration for the 1 gigabit fiber network it is launching on both the Kansas and Missouri sides of Kansas City. Within just two days, mo

Google Details Its 1 Gigabit Fiber Network In Kansas City, Will Come With TV Service, 1TB Of Cloud Storage, Nexus 7

After a few delays and setbacks, Google today officially launched its <a target="_blank" href="">1 gigabit residential fiber network</a> in Kansas City. The network will deliv

Quantum Key Distribution soon to be available to the average Joe

<img src="" />Are you a privacy-minded person living in the Netherlands with at least $82,000 USD to spare? If so, qu

DIY "last mile" fiber trenches in Norway

<img src="" />Is it just me, or has that "can do" American spirit begun to fade of late? We're all becoming complacent as the M

Verizon to bump FiOS speeds to 50 Mbps nationwide

If you happen to live in one of the lucky areas of the 16 states where Verizon has made FiOS available, you’ll be able to top your Internet connection out at 50 Mbps down, 20 Mbps up. Verizon says t

Verizon sues Time Warner over misleading anti-FiOS commercial: See it for yourself

Cable companies’ ads are typically woeful, but misleading? That’s unthinkable. Or is it? Not if you ask Verizon. And, please, do, they’d love to hear from you. Verizon filed suit tod
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